Types of Wedding Cakes

Types of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have become a requisite in every wedding. Earlier, there was only a traditional white cake which was selected for the weddings. This scenario has however, totally changed. Now, these traditional white cakes have evolved into cakes of various shapes, colors, patterns, and flavors.

It becomes really difficult for the couple to select the best one among them. Hence, it is necessary for them to discuss with each other about their expectations from a wedding cake. There are many sites which would provide you information about the varieties of cakes that are available. You can research and gather information about different types of cakes and go in for the best one that suits your requirements.

The cakes for your wedding reception can be categorized into various types. These classifications could be done on the basis of the flavor used, cake design or the shape and overall appearance of the cake.

You can select the best one among them. While selecting the cake, it is necessary for you to consider some important points. Firstly you have to finalize the theme, budget, and number of wedding guests for the ceremony. Besides these, the couple should discuss with each other about the color and the flavor that they would prefer for the cake.

Therefore, the next step would be to finalize the type of wedding cake that you would prefer for the reception party. Here, we provide you some valuable details about the types of wedding cakes below:

Traditional wedding cakes: The traditional wedding cakes are usually white in color. You can select a simple white wedding cake for your reception. Later on use your own creative ideas to decorate the cake. Besides these, there are many other options such as using unique cake toppers in order to bring out the desired elegant look. However, there are some varieties of wedding cakes also that are available such as the cake with icing of butter cream, almond cake and many other varieties.

Wedding cakes based on Flavors: There are large varieties of wedding cake flavors that are available. You can select any one of them as per individual preferences. Some of the popular flavors include Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Raspberry and many more.

Smaller cakes or individual cakes: These smaller cakes are very useful for the couples who have decided to go in for the cheap or budget wedding. Besides these, it also provides the opportunity to select the different varieties and flavors of cake for the occasion. This will help you to cater the taste preferences of all your guests. Another excellent option is to use it in the form of centerpiece for the decoration of the venue. If you go in for an individual cake then, you can give each guest a cupcake or individual cake which can be easily wrapped and taken home. This would avoid wastage and you have to order only the specific number based on the number of guests expected for the reception party.

Frosted cakes: There are different varieties of frosted wedding cakes that are available. They are very popular due to the rich as creamy fillings which provide the desired relishing taste to the cake. The most popular varieties include the butter cream and fondant frosted cakes.

Cupcakes: There are plenty of varieties of cupcakes available in various flavors. You can use an artificial elegant cake as per your desire for the reception. You can cut that cake and later on distribute cupcakes of similar appearance, flavor, and color to the guests. This will help you to save money and serve the purpose to cut a fabulous cake for the ceremony. Another option is to use a cake stand and pile up the cupcakes or cakes in different shapes.

The details about types of wedding cakes are outlined here. These details would be very helpful for the couples who are planning to select the best cake for their reception. It would also inform them about the different types of wedding cakes that are available.

See here some different types of wedding wedding cakes: