Wedding Cakes

The wedding cakes are the highlighting feature of any wedding. Brides and grooms take extra efforts to make it so special that the wedding day is made even more memorable for them and especially their guests. Here, you can find all the aspects related to these cakes for the most memorable occasion in your life.

Personalize your Cake

Every bride and groom wants to add a personal touch to their wedding cake that reflects their personality, likings and wedding theme. The recipe, flavor, shape, design, decoration, toppers, icing, wedding knife, wedding charms can be chosen from a vast variety of options available with the help of several ideas. One has to keep the theme, venue and flower arrangements in mind while choosing the cake for wedding as it should be a highlight of the wedding and not something which is odd in the whole setup.

Wedding Cakes

Choose from the Pictures

One can choose the best option from an array of pictures available in the gallery. Pictures related to the different types of cakes, toppers, knives, servers, accessories, charms, etc., help one plan for that unique cake that best suits the special occasion of wedding. A clear idea comes when a picture is there in your front so that the person can visualize the whole wedding setup with the central attraction of cake.

These pictures give you a clear idea about the look and feel of the cake in your wedding. Choose from a large variety of single layer, multi-tier, castle cakes, etc. It is essential that a couple goes through all the options by looking at all the pictures before deciding.

The tempting Recipes

Find both traditional and modern versions of cake recipes for your wedding. Starting from the traditional cake to Mexican, Hawaiian, Cheesecake, Fondant, you will find every option available in the recipes section. There are unique recipes for icing and frosting as well. Pick a recipe of your choice and give a personal touch by adding fillings and flavors of your choice.

Top it up with the right Topper

The topper should match the cake, design, color, theme, etc. You can choose from a vast collection of toppers available like figurines, monograms, crystals of different shapes, funny ones, etc. There are brides who use the topper that was used by the family for a long time. Exact replica of the bride and groom can also be used to give the cake a personal touch.

Cut the Cake with the right Knife

The cake cutting ceremony is the main emphasis of any wedding and makes the perfect picture of the entire occasion. Choosing the right wedding cake knife and to customize it according to the choice of bride and groom is very much important. These knives are available in various shapes and sizes. One can go for a gold or silver plated knife or knives with engraved initials of the couple and wedding date on the handle as well. There also knives beautifully decorated with satin ribbons, crystals, pearls, etc. The bride herself can decorate the knife which would be appreciated by the guests and family.

Charms to Charm your Guests

In this tradition, each bridesmaid would pull out a ribbon from the several layers of cake during the wedding and a charm attached to the ribbon is revealed. These wedding cake charms reveal the fortune of the bridesmaid. They are symbolic and are made of gold, silver or crystal. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

How to Cut the Wedding Cakes

The show-stopper feature of any wedding reception is the cake cutting ceremony. The picturesque moment should be perfect and it is announced to invite all the guests to gather for the memorable moment. All friends and family of the couple come together to wish them a long and happy married life. The sheer feel good factor makes cake cutting a memorable event. The couple serves the first pieces to each other.