Blue Wedding Cakes

Blue Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Blue is the color of the sky, blue is the color of sea, and we are living on the "blue planet". The blue color is a calm, cool and refreshing color which is the favorite of the masses. This color is used everywhere- in the churches, in offices and in weddings. Often the theme of a wedding is blue, along with the centerpiece, that is, blue wedding cakes. Blue wedding cakes are really gorgeous, tempting and enticing. The cool hue of blue attracts its gazers towards it. So contemporary wedding couples make a good use of the color blue in their dresses, cakes, themes, wedding favors, etc

The color 'blue' is imbued with symbolic significance. In the Roman days, it was associated with God Jupiter. In Christianity, blue symbolizes Mother Mary. It is the primary symbolic color of Islam. Pregnant with so much of symbolic significance this color is also used for holy occasions like weddings. Blue cakes suit almost all wedding themes like beach theme or winter themes. These cakes are available in many sizes, shapes and hues. Some common shades of blue are available for wedding cakes which are aqua blue, dark or navy blue, bright blue, azure blue, baby blue.

Wedding cakes in these colors are really beautiful yet varied. These cakes can be single or multi-tiered. Even individual or blue cup cakes are available. The shapes can vary from rounded to square and from oval to hexagonal. These cakes can be decorated with any bright or dark colored articles or accessories. For a beach-themed wedding, natural or edible white seashells are gum pasted on the blue cake. Starfish, edible pearls or ocean scrolls and an aqua blue mermaid perfectly suits the beach theme. Well, if you want to marry in the cold season of the year you can also rejoice with the idea of blue wedding cakes. For this purpose, these cakes are to be covered with sugar snowflakes or topped with small castle cake toppers.

Moving away from the theme and shapes of the cakes, we will discuss about the flavors of blue cakes. Popular flavors are dark chocolate, cheesecakes, mud cakes, coconut cream flavor, cherry flavors, sponge cakes, etc. Fruit cakes are also well-liked for blue wedding cakes. If the wedding cake is a multi-tiered extravaganza without any separator used in-between tiers, it is better to use mud cake or carrot cake. Otherwise sponge cakes, which are very soft, can be suitable. For decoration purpose one can use stars, trinkets, colored ribbons, silk butterflies, silver marbles, fondant balls, sweet angel figurines. Cake toppers can be gold script number or letter monograms, crystal balls, hearts, dove, kissing bird and various symbolic bride and groom figurines. Edible sugar paste butterflies, roses, lilies, flower petals, floral scrolls, hand-sculptured blue flowers, intricate colored brocade scroll patters, hand-painted colored cheery blossoms garnish the cake to make it stunning and scintillating. Flowers, natural or artificial are the best way to decorate such a cake. Dark blue flowers, roses, daisies and a cascade of any flowers do ornament the cake in a nice way. With blue cakes, one can do a lot of experimentation according to his or her personal tastes and choices.

Blue cakes suit all generations. Blue can be termed as a universal color. It is the color of many natural elements. A blue wedding cake is an integral part of a wedding celebrated amidst nature. A wedding cake speaks a lot about the personal style and taste of the wedding couple. Blue cakes certainly do that by lending a feel of freshness and happiness amongst the guests and the wedding couple. A wedding under the blue sky with a blue cake completes the experience of a modern-day wedding.

Take a look some gorgeous pictures of blue wedding cake.

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