Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

A cold moon, a lonely star, snowfall, Christmas and the christmas holidays- all these remind us of winter, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It is the season of fun and fiesta, of festivals and carnivals, of parties and wedding. This season is perfect for a romantic, magical and simple wedding. With the signs of winter gradually approaching, the bride and the groom start planning about their 'big day'. The plans include everything- the wedding gown, the wedding ideas, the honeymoon and even the wedding cakes. One of the most exciting wedding thoughts that the couples indulges into is about the winter wedding cakes. The winter cakes are really great in looks, palatable and offer a number of variations in winter weddings.

Winter wedding cake themes and designs: Many-a-times winter wedding cakes designs are a reflection of the wedding themes, like snowfall, Christmas and Winter Wonderland. The designs of the winter themed wedding cake correspond the widely celebrated seasons of winter, like the Christmas, the New-year, and the Valentine's Day.

A Christmas themed wedding cake can be red, green, orange and white. Christmas candles, stars angels, small Christmas trees can be used as cake toppers. New-year eve themed wedding cakes are generally black and white wedding cakes decorated with hand scrolls or polka dots. A common idea is to have calendars designed on the sides of the cakes. Wedding is all about love and romance. So what can be the best day for a marriage? Valentine's Day is the favorite of every couple. A couple wishing to get married on that day desires for a heart-shaped multi-tiered wedding cake. Lilies, roses- artificial or natural can bring the flavor of the season. The cake can be topped with a small rose bouquet or a heart-designed jewelry surrounded by red or yellow roses. Dark red is the favorite color which adds a spark to the entire wedding atmosphere.

Winter wedding cake flavor: The winter wedding cake looks so luscious and yummy. A white multi-layered buttercream cake is the favorite of the masses which suits the snowfall theme so perfectly. Then there are other options too like pineapple cakes, guava cakes, lime cakes, coconut cakes- all with different filling and frosting. Caramel cakes and fruit cakes rich in spices and nuts can be another option for the couple. Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate flavors definitely add delight to the eating experience.

Winter wedding cake colors: White is the winning color for the cold season of the year. Color speaks a lot about the cake and its taste. Usual colors are deep red, leafy green, tiffany blue, dark purple what else to satiate the eyes? Silver, ivory and dark accents in the color scheme or decoration of the cake table revive the partying mood.

Winter wedding cakes toppers: Finally, Cake toppers add spark to the winter cakes. A crystal engagement ring or hearts symbolizing the union of the couple, monograms coated in crystals, cute teddies, snowflake toppers, and shining fairytale castles lends a unique and dazzling beauty to the wedding cake.

Winter wedding cake, as the name suggests are especially meant for winter season wedding. There is no limit to the size, shape or the styles. Snowfall theme, snowflakes, rich silver and gold leaves, Christmas candles, and all other winter related accessories are used to decorate the cake. Winter wedding symbolizing love, good emotions and romance can best be portrayed by a winter wedding cake.

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