Western Wedding Cakes

Western Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Western Weddings & Western Wedding Receptions always have country western styled wedding cakes. This can be done either in very simple way by making use of pre-made wedding cake topper, or you can buy the western wedding cake that includes the western themes (wedding) into its design.

If we consider old west, the wedding cake has to be made from the delicious home styled method, rather than the current shortcut mix. If you are planning to go for simple cake, there are several beautiful western wedding cake toppers are available. It includes a sweet ceramic western-dressed bride & groom statuettes and a blown glass creations. Anything with the western idea look could be consider as western wedding cake topper.

Western styled wedding cakes can be made in several exclusive western wedding topic shapes, i.e. a cowboy hat shape or a horseshoe shape can be decorated to appear real. An expert artisan making use of a rolled fondants and a sugar paste may make look similar cakes which are almost identical from items they copy.

Few wonderful final touches for the western wedding cakes might incorporate:

  • A western styled cake knives and server set.
  • A wedding cake desk decorated to seem like a back of chuck cart, with cart wheels at sides and the canvas covered cart top.
  • A metal pot/triangle hung close by so that you can 'ring' it to grab the everyone's attention.
  • You can use cowboy topper to decorate your wedding cake
  • The other option is to decorate your western wedding cake using a dancing couple of olden days or of a royal family
  • Olden days house would be the good option as a cake topper
  • A farm house or farm topper will also look awesome and make a perfect western wedding cake

Wedding is a great moment in every person's life. Wedding cake makes the wedding more special and everyone remembers it. A wedding cake is available in different sizes, shapes and flavors. This cake is a visual treat, which the couple as well as guests enjoy due to its taste and looks. The couple chooses the cake according to their requirements, likes and choice. The wedding cake comes in various types like beach wedding cake, fall wedding cake, white wedding cake, western wedding cakes and so on.

The western wedding cake is basically based on western ideas like cow boy hats, western belts, boots, jackets, flowers and so on. The countryside is an important theme in western wedding cakes. The wedding cakes have a distinct identity. The cakes make people remind of the olden days and they become nostalgic. Therefore, these western cakes are quite popular.

Let's take a look at different ideas of western wedding cake:

  • Make sure that the recipe of the western wedding cake is homemade and yummy in taste. Do not use shortcuts. The western wedding cake has a taste that makes one remember about the old days.
  • A simple wedding cake can be made into a western cake with help of right wedding cake toppers. The cake toppers in form of cow boy hats, pair of boots, leather belts made out of fondant icing.
  • Western cakes can be baked in various shapes like cowboy hats and boots. They will look real by using leather in form of fondant icing. This will make the cake look different and unique.
  • Square cake that has sugar-paste flowers with a fence made out of white fondant icing can be a great choice. The flowers can be of multiple hues. This will make the cake look like a real garden.
  • A simple round cake that has a couple draped in typical old styled costumes as a topper is a popular western wedding cake. This figurine of the couple is made out of ceramic.

Here are some beautiful western wedding cake pictures.

Western Victorian Bridal Granny Boots Wedding Cake Western Wedding Cake Tops White Western Wedding Cake with Flowers
Romantic & Elegant Western Wedding Cake Western Wedding Cake Toppers Yellow Western Wedding Cake
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