Wedding Towel Cakes

Wedding Towel Cake

Wedding is a blissful union of two hearts forever. It is an auspicious occasion where the wedding couple as well as others takes every possible step to make it special and memorable. Wedding gifts offered by the guests are treasured by the wedding couples as a reminder of their 'big day'. One of the most popular and beautiful wedding gift is wedding towel cakes. Wedding cake towels, as the name suggests are simple towels folded and stacked much in the manner of real cutting tiered wedding cakes. It is an off-beat way of conveying the good regards and best wishes to the bride and groom.

Wedding Towel Cakes are nice and affordable gift options for the wedding and the wedding showers. The towels used can be of many colors: the popular ones being-white, yellow, lavender, cream, pink and red. Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths are folded to form a round shape and then stacked on the top of each other. The longest or the biggest towel will form the bottom layer and the process goes on consecutively until the top and the smallest tier is reached.

That makes it look like a multi-tiered cake. Cake bakers or individuals who prepare wedding towels cakes can stuff the inner part of the towels with accessories or useful articles like colored wedding candles, wedding cards, small wrapped candies, cute wedding jewelry etc. Sometimes, for a single-tiered round or square-shaped cake candies or cookies are used to fill the center. These cakes can be molded into various shapes- heart shape, sandwich shape and rose shape. Finally, it is time to decorate the cake. Cake toppers, fruits and flowers do complete the beauty of such cakes. Cake toppers depicting comic figurines will just light up the ceremony.

Natural or artificial flowers, monograms, trinkets, ribbons, wedding charms, and a lot more articles add to the beauty of the towel cakes.

Following are the primary requirement for a three-tiered wedding towel cake:

  • Towels- bath towels and hand towels
  • Wash cloths
  • Satin ribbons
  • Sharp scissors
  • Measuring tapes
  • Cake toppers, if any
  • Other decors- silk roses or butterflies, daisies, stars, candies, etc.
Towel cakes are a wonderful utility gift. You can gift these either for a bridal shower or wedding. Of course, the towel cakes are also made for kids' birthday parties and various other occasions. You can stuff in a lot of utility items inside this cake. There is a somewhat standard procedure to make a towel cake. You can get them ordered from outside as well as you can make them at home. However, if you are making a towel cake at home, you need to be careful especially about the folds. You can follow these steps to make a towel cake-

Take two bath towels. Start folding these towels on their length. One fold should be about 4-5 cm. All folds should be equal and the ends should be even. Do the same with the second towel. Join the ends of these towels with safety pins. Roll this one huge towel that is formed to form a coil. Keep this rolled bunch of towels upright. Tie it with some nice satin or organza ribbon. This forms the bottommost layer of the cake. Repeat the same process with kitchen napkins and hand napkins for the middle and the top layer so that size of these layers reduces.

You can decorate this cake nicely with fresh or silk flowers, fruits or any other decor items of your choice. You need to be able to stuff something inside each layer. You need to be innovative with this. What you can do is when you roll the towels for the bottommost layer, you can roll them on a round kitchen utensil and stuff some candle packs in it. For the middle layer you could wrap it around a box of glasses, mugs or a jug. You can fill this jug with some candies, chocolates, etc. You can wrap a third layer around a mug, small vase, thick candle or a single glass. All these utensils, candles, napkins, towels, etc., would serve as gifts for the bride.

Towel cakes are really wonderful and useful. The wedding couple can utilize the towels after unfolding the cake post-wedding ceremony. The cakes if decorated with artificial accessories only, can be kept for long as a memorable piece. It takes less time and labor to prepare these cakes. The cakes provide delight to the couples as unusual and exceptional centerpiece. Many people do have misconception regarding wedding towel cakes- whether these cakes are edible or not. The answer is that these cakes are merely decor items which can be gifted to the wedding couple. This is really a fun, creative and thought-provoking way of gift-giving. Fun, amusement and happiness-all with the towel cakes will definitely bring a smile on the couple's face.

Here are some beautiful pictures of wedding towel cake.

Wedding Towel Cakes with White Roses Wedding Towel Cakes with Red Ribbons Pink Towel Wedding Cakes Wedding Towel Cakes with Fall Colors White Wedding Towel Cakes
Wedding Towel Cakes with Red Roses Wedding Towel Cakes Toppers Wedding Towel Cakes with Blue Ribbons Three Tiered Wedding Towel Cakes Beautifully Hand Decorated Wedding Towel Cakes