Wedding Reception Cakes

White Four Tier Reception Wedding Cakes with Pink Roses Toppers

Wedding cake is the focus of your reception party. It is probably the first thing the guests observe as they enter the wedding venue. So the first and quick look of your wedding cake must be very impressive and wonderful moment. Wedding reception cakes are available in single-tier or multi-tiers. These can be designed in various shapes: round, flat, square, hexagonal, oval, flower-petal shapes, heart-shapes, cupcakes etc. Now-a-days there are a lot of changes regarding the size, shape, color and flavor of the cakes. There are reception cakes which have shapes like air plane, chessboard, sea beach, football or soccer field, a Christmas tree and many figurines etc. Your reception cake should be very beautiful.

It might be simple but should look elegant and stunning. To make it look such, you should decorate the cake applying your own creativity. You can also hire some cake designers. Wonderful accessories and nice ideas can lend beauty and elegance to the cakes. You can decorate the cake with cake toppers and cake favors. Various articles and edible decors are useful for that purpose. Stars, flowers, fruits, ribbons, silk butterflies, sea shells, starfish, etc. can be placed on and around the cake. Edible sugar roses, lilies, butterflies, corals, etc. can be glued to the wedding reception cake. To make it more attractive, fresh fruits like berries and grapes, fresh flowers like roses, hibiscus, tulips, daisies, calla lilies, and a cascade or bouquet of these flowers can be placed surrounding the cake.

There are cake toppers which are particularly meant for wedding reception cakes like crystal toppers, sports toppers, vintage toppers, religious toppers, beach-themed toppers, funny wedding cake toppers, military toppers etc. These toppers are made of glass, ceramic or porcelain like Crystal bride and groom figurines, two hearts, two swans, two kissing love birds, rose candle holder, monogram toppers having initials of bride and groom, wedding reception date, bling monograms, air force or navy wedding couple figurine, beach acrylic celebration heart, palm trees, seaside jewels, beach couple kissing, Crystal Hummingbirds, Ceramic Cross, Love Verse on Bible, Rugby match topper, bride chasing the groom, "Funny Sexy" African American wedding bride and groom figurine etc.

The wedding reception cake has to be cut and served to the guests. You can use your creativity here. There are colored cake boxes and cake favors. The small pieces of the cake or the wedding cupcakes can be put in colorful cake boxes. Cake favors like personalized mint boxes, heart-design compact mirror, personalized Tux and Gown boxes, chocolate candies etc. can be tied to the cake boxes with a 'thank you' message written on it. There are black and white cake boxes and cake favors matching with the black and white wedding cakes. Thus the wedding reception cakes can be decorated in the way the wedding couple wishes. But the decoration must match the wedding theme and the colors of the other arrangements.

If the wedding reception cake looks so gorgeous, it should also taste delicious. Popular flavors of wedding reception cakes are chocolate, vanilla, butter cream, lemon, strawberry, coconut, raspberry etc. Filling can be done with a single fruit or a combination of fruits and icing with chocolate, cheese or butter cream. If the cake is a multi-tiered extravaganza, then you can opt for different flavors in different tiers. In this way the color of the different tiers will be different and the cake will look scintillating.

Wedding reception cake is one of the final items provided at the wedding reception party, and each guest takes the remembrance of cake with them. The very important thing is the wonderful tradition of a cake cutting moment, which represents the couple's promise of sharing their life with each other.

Before arranging the cake, find quotes from some different bakeries on your decided cakes. If you are seeking for a plain, conventional cake, then select the cake from bakery which best matches your requirements. If you want an elaborate cake, then think about the bakery's selection before ordering the cake.

If you have invited a large number of guests at your reception, but there is not enough budget set aside for the reception cake, then think about smaller wedding reception cake to cut and after that you can order decorated cup cakes to assist your wedding reception cake. The cup cakes always are priced by dozen. So you should have a calculation in your mind .After determining what type of cake to have at your wedding reception and its decoration, now you have to decide where to place the reception cake. Arrangement of the Wedding reception cakes is like placing furniture in your room. You can do it very easily by judging some simple alternatives.

Few Tips:

  • You need to make sure that the cake manufacturers will arrive at your place and put the cake for your reception in the proper place. Placing a big or multi-layered cake is a very difficult task. So they should do it as a part of their work.
  • Always place the wedding reception cake in a simply visible and open spot, so that everybody should be able to observe the cake and the cake cutting ceremony.
  • While decorating wedding cake table, try some bright colored table material/cloth or you can use replica of bridal bouquet for the tradition touch.

Here are some beautiful wedding reception cake pictures.

White Reception Wedding Cakes with Couple Toppers Square Reception Wedding Cakes Red & White Wedding Reception Cake Three Tier White Reception Wedding Cake with Decorated Red Roses Petals Square & Rounded Wedding Reception Wedding Cake with Mix Flowers
Five Tier White Wedding Reception Cakes with Big Sugar Flowers Three Tiered Reception Wedding Cakes with Strawberry & Their Green Leaves Chocolate Reception Cupcake Wedding Cakes with Sugar Flowers Three Tiered Reception Wedding Cake Strawberry's Reception Wedding Cake with Red Ribbons