Wedding Cake Tables

Wedding Cake Table & Decoration Ideas

If you have ordered a two or three tiered wedding cake and you want to decorate it with different accessories then big and sufficient space is required to do it. For that it is necessary to have one wedding cake table which is specially designed for the wedding cake. Now you can decorate it as you want. There are different types of materials available for table decoration to enhance the look of the beautiful wedding cake.

At the time of ordering wedding cake consider the shape and size of wedding cake table. It should match your wedding cakes otherwise the look of wedding cake is spoiled. A small round table is more elegant than a rectangular one. Wedding cake tables are available in different shapes and sizes, so choosing the correct one is your task. Tables are available in oval shapes as well. So, select the table that suits your wedding cake and your wedding ceremony.

You can use cloths as table covers, lightings and many other decoration related materials. In case of cloths and covers, white table cloths are the most popular. Instead of the typical white cloth you can also use colored lace or drape cloths which also look very nice and elegant. Sprinkles also help you to decorate your wedding cake table in a simple manner as compared to other means of decoration. Lighting is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. So, choose your favorite color of lighting which perfectly suits the wedding cake table and the surrounding decorations.

Head Table, Grooms Table, Sweetheart Table, Buffet Table, Cake Table, DJ Booth Gift Table, Buffet Table, Guest Tables, Signing Table are tables which are used for wedding ceremony functions. Each of these tables have its unique quality and hence used for that particular purpose. Also these tables are available in all shapes, sizes and can also be customized as per your requirements.

Some useful tips to decorate your wedding cake table:

  • Stick to the wedding theme and decor while decorating the wedding cake table. This table would be the focal point of your wedding reception as the wedding cake is placed on it.
  • If your wedding is on a beach wedding and the cake is also based on the theme decorated with shells, it is better to decorate your table with shells and it is easy to extend the theme into the decorations as well
  • The essential elements of the cake can also be extended to the table decoration like if there are bows on the cake then decorating the table with bows would increase the beauty of the whole arrangement
  • An interesting tablecloth could be a perfect idea to decorate the table but make sure that it matches the theme and color of the decor, if the decor is based on blue color and your dress is white then a tablecloth with blue and white stripes would look fantastic
  • You can also go for plain tablecloth that gives ample scope to decorate with flowers or other accessories
  • Flowers can be used easily to decorate tables and that too in a short duration. One can use the flowers from the bouquets of bride and bridesmaids to decorate the table during reception that would also cut the costs to some extent.
  • Scattering rose petals on a plain tablecloth also adds elegance to the whole setup and gives a special effect to the wedding cake
  • Candies can also be used to decorate the table, they can be kept in small glass bowls placed along the edges
  • Using photos of the bride and groom placed under a big glass also gives a personal touch to the wedding cake

Here are some pictures of wedding cakes with wedding cake table which helps you to choose the perfect table for your wedding cake.

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