Wedding Cake Styles

Stylish Black Wedding Cakes in Heart Shapes

Wedding is a grand occasion celebrated once in a lifetime. The wedding couple plans everything in detail- the wedding theme, wedding venue, wedding decorations, and not to forget, the wedding cake. The wedding cake is the eye-catcher of the ceremony. From the days of the Great Roman Empire to the modern age, the tradition of wedding cakes has been successfully reigning. The rising popularity of the wedding cakes has led to several experimentations as regards the style, shapes, decoration, icing and frosting of the cakes etc. Now-a-days, couples do opt for different Wedding cake styles. They are very conscious about the various cake styles which dominate the market as well as portray the wedding flavor and theme. Whatever may be the style, the cake should reflect their personality or bear any particular statement the couple wishes to convey. It should go well in tune with the wedding theme and the wedding colors.

Wedding cake styles have changed from time to time: from traditional to modern, simple white-colored to multi-colored, from playful to thematic, from artistic to whimsical. The attractive and elegant designs which beautify the cake on the 'big day' just make it an incredible work of art. Wedding couples can have a quick glance at the following list of the popular cake styles:

  • Traditional cake styles:

    These cakes are generally round or square-shaped, single or multi-tiered butter cream cakes. The tiers are separated by different types of pillars. Wedding cake stands, like acrylic stands are used for giving a stylistic look to the cake. Decorations are done with pastel iced flowers, sugar flowers or even with natural flowers.

  • Contemporary cake style:

    Unlike the traditional one, the modern cake is mostly a multi-tiered extravaganza. Each tier is stacked on top of each other and no pillar is used to separate these. There is no limit to the colors, decors and accessories. Colored ribbons, silk butterflies, sugar roses and lilies, wedding charms, berries, stars, hand motifs, scrolls, etc. and many others embellish the cake.

  • Artistic cake style:

    Couples possessing good imaginative power often allow their flight of fancy to create innovative cake designs. Designs of masterpieces of sculpture and architecture like the Eiffel tower, the Taj Mahal and others like a wedding gown catch the attention of the viewer. If money is not a factor, then there are artistic cake galleries where the cakes are really expensive but absolutely unbelievable.

  • Castle wedding cake style:

    Castle wedding cake is one of the most delicate cakes. In this style, the baker could make variety of castles and decorate them according to it. For example, if the wedding theme is Cinderella or any other fairytale, the baker decorates this castle cake with the prince and princess toppings. In this is type of cake layering could not be done. Various color of icing is used to give a real castle like effect.

  • Miniature wedding cakes:

    There are around 50 types of miniature wedding cakes. The miniature wedding cakes could be single tiered to 3-4 tiered cake with different designs, icings, colors and toppings. Miniature wedding cakes are in more demand than big multi-tiered wedding cakes as they could be uses as table centerpieces and are easier to serve.

  • Whimsical or flamboyant styles:

    Keeping in tune with the trend of modernity, the wedding couples are opting more for whimsical designs. One of the most preferred cake styles is to use slanted tiers which make the cake look as if it is falling. Unusual themes like Las Vegas, topsy-turvy, rock and roll, two small animal figurines kissing each other are also well-liked.

  • Individual or cupcake styles:

    These are small and single-piece cupcakes meant for individuals. Use of color schemes like gold, purple, ivory, silver and ornamented with marvelous accessories lends a unique style to these cakes.

The above-mentioned cake styles are some primary examples. Cake can be designed with flowers and fruits. Even Halloween cake toppers or cake styles are preferred today .Cakes styles may depict any precious moment, any season or any characteristic element of the couple. Thus there is really no limit to cake styles as these are the product of one's imagination, which itself is limitless.

Given below are the pictures of some wedding cakes which reflect different cake style:

Square Wedding Cake Styles with Big Flowers Simple Yellow Heart Shaped Wedding Cake Styles Three Tiered Squared Wedding Cake Styles Cream Wedding Cake and Red Flowers
Stylish White & Brown Wedding Cake Three Tier White & Red Wedding Cakes Round Wedding Cake in Flower Toppers Silver Wedding Cakes with Flowers
Two Tiered Wedding Cakes Mini Chocolate Cupcakes Wedding Cakes Square Wedding Cakes with Red Roses & Petals Four Tier Dark Purple Wedding Cakes