Wedding Cake Stand Gallery

Wedding cake stands are very essential for the cake. They help to provide a particular shape and appearance to the cake. They are available in different materials, sizes, and shape. You can select the best one from that to place your wedding cake.

There are many different varieties of wedding cakes that are available such as unique, funny, and fabulous cakes. You can select the best one among them. However, it is advisable to select the cake stand on the basis of the cake design that you have selected for your cake. There are some specialized cake stands which are available for the modern designs of the bridal cakes.

Sets of Wedding Cake Stand Mini Cake Stand Crystal Wedding Cake Stand Rounded Sliver Plated Wedding Cake Stand Cake Stands For Wedding
Silver Coated Round Wedding Cake Stand Plastic Wedding Cake Stands Square Wedding Cake Stands Set/3 Tier Round Wedding Cake Stand 4 Cascading Wedding Cake Stand
Simple Wedding Cake Stand Clear Glass Pedestal Cake Stand Flat Top Diameter Pedestal Cake Stand Square Wedding Cake Pedestal Stand In White Round Wedding Cake Stand with Metal
Three Crystal Splendor Wedding Cake Stand Set Aluminium Four Tier Wedding Cake Stand Square Wedding Cake Stand Set with Antique Design Lifted Plated Crystal Wedding Cake Stand Thick Crystal 4 Tier Acrylic Wedding Cake Stand

The most reliable source to get details about the different types of cake stands are recipe books, magazines and various websites. You can refer to the wedding cake stand gallery to gather details about the stands.

There are plenty of options which are available for cake stand. You have to consider your budget and cake design before finalizing the stand. You could take the assistance of the baker who would guide you to select the best one.

You can either look out for the cake stands at the local shops or order it online. There is no need to purchase the cake stand; you can even take them on rent. These stands are available in various shapes such as square shapes, heart shaped or even in the form baskets designed in various patterns.

Tips for fashionable wedding cake stands:

  • Three or four tiered cascades are the most popular ones that look grand and beautiful
  • Floating stands in two or three tiers are also the trend nowadays which gives a dreamy and romantic look
  • If you are going for cupcakes then there are various options available for cupcake stands that come in different designs which can make a simple cupcake arrangement breathtaking
  • Wedding cake stands can also be very creative like the Cinderella coach stand or the hanging bell stand
  • If yours is a beach wedding then the stand can also be designed in the shape of a huge shell or a mermaid so as to blend in with the theme and look outstanding as well
  • Tricycle and spiral stands are also popular stands used for wedding cakes
  • Customize the stand according to the cake and the wedding theme to make the beautiful wedding cake even more beautiful
  • Tiered stands with pillars are also available; there is space in between the pillars to decorate with flowers and toppers
  • To create a floating magic effect use stands with single arm in the back of the cake stand that can be decorated with pearls or flowers to hide and make the cakes in tiers appear as though they are floating in the air
  • Carriage cakes stands are suitable for a wedding with fairy tale theme but they are expensive so one should be careful to fit it in the budget
  • Fountain wedding cake stands are also popular when it comes to fountain wedding cakes, decorations should be done accordingly to hide the mechanics and wires if they are visible
  • Wedding cake stands are also available for rent and one should be careful while picking one, the durability should be checked as the material could be pretty old and brittle
  • Decorating the cake could be made easy if you have a perfect stand that suits the cake in color and shape
  • The cake stands should be sturdy to withstand multi-tiered cakes; a solid piece of wood can make the perfect stand for layer cakes and heavy cakes
The above mentioned details summarize about the wedding cake stands which are used to provide a structure and display to your cake.