Wedding Cake Servers

Decorated Wedding Cake Servers

Wedding cake is an important part of a wedding ceremony. The wedding cake is center of attraction for all the guests. The beautiful and elegant wedding cake adds charisma to the entire wedding ceremony. The newly wed couple has taken a lot of efforts to find the perfect wedding cake of their choice. The couple is happy that the invitees are attracted to the beautiful cake. Cutting the cake is an important ritual in the wedding. This is an old tradition where the couple cuts the cake and it is shared with all the guests. Cutting the cake indicates that the couple is ready to share everything with each other and live together through their thick and thin times. A lot of things like knives, cakes servers, cake stand, etc, are associated with the wedding cake.

Accessories like knife and server is required during cake cutting ceremony. These have to be decorated as they play an important role in cake cutting. The knife and server feature in the wedding photographs and can be kept into your collection of wedding memorabilia. The server has to match the wedding cake and the theme of the wedding. There are various types of wedding cake servers. They are made of crystal glass, silver, and gold. The sizes and shapes of these servers have to go with the type of wedding. A round wedding cake has to have a triangular server while square wedding cake needs a square wedding cake server.

The couple can order a cake server online or in stores. You get a lot of variety. According to your choice you can order one. There are some couples who decorate the server set with satin ribbons bows, flowers, and heart shaped rings. Engraving is one popular practice of decoration. You can engrave your name, date of wedding, venue, etc on the server. This will personalize the server set. You can use the server set during the cutting of wedding cake as well as during special occasions that will come after the wedding.

Let's take a look at the types of servers for wedding cake:

  • Lattice and Daisy Cake Server

    This beautiful sever has a handle that has pearls and roses. This server goes well with white wedding cake.

  • Heart-Shaped Cake Server

    This is the most popular cake server. It is silver plated heat shaped cake server, which is remembered by all the guests and can be used during various occasions post wedding. There is a heart at the end of the knife and the server. There could be a heart in heart design. The heart shape could be either engraved or made of diamonds or rhinestones on a silver base. These servers are available in acrylic, crystal or precious metal.

  • Butterfly Cake Server

    The handle of this cake server is decorated with delicate, beautiful, white butterflies. This server matches well with round wedding cakes.

You could select from a variety of designs like a diamond studded stem of the server or silver rings attached at the end of the server and knife. You could have a bow and a crystal heart attached at the end of the knife and server. You could have embossed design especially if the server set is of silver. Simple itching done on a glass server also looks beautiful. You also have a gown and tuxedo serving set wherein there are engraved designs of a wedding gown and a tuxedo at the end of the server and knife. This is especially common in silver server sets. Server set with a silver bow at the end also looks beautiful. There are heart designs in some color on a silver base that also look good. Entangled hearts at the end of the server set look good and represent lifetime love for each other. A silver wedding set with crystals also looks elegant. A rhinestone heart in the middle of a silver server and knife looks beautiful. You could decorate it with a white crepe ribbon or a satin ribbon.

Server sets can be beautiful keepsakes. You can even pass them on to your children in their marriage if they are keen on it. Themes server sets not only look elegant but also add to the beauty of your wedding theme. For instance, if you have a beach wedding, there are beautiful server sets especially made in silver with aqua blue designs on it that represent marine life or a coastal environment.

You could creatively select or customize the design of your cake server set as per your requirement. However, you need to know your basic requirements. For instance, if you have a round cake, then you should essentially have a triangular server. If you have a square shaped cake, you should have a square shaped server. Your server set can be an absolute treasure and could serve as a wonderful memory of your marriage for a lifetime.

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