Wedding Cake Plateaus

Plume Wedding Cake Plateaus

Wedding cake is synonymous to wedding ceremony. A wedding cake adds the needed charm to the wedding ceremony. A beautiful, elegant, well-decorated wedding cake is a center of attraction for the guests. Wedding cake stands as a symbol of fertility and purity of bride. The wedding cake has undergone many changes. Today, we find wedding cakes of various types made out of unique flavors. The traditional round, white wedding cake is replaced by beach wedding cakes, fondant wedding cakes and so on. The change is constant and new trends are emerging in the wedding cake industry. The wedding cake accessories play an important role in wedding celebration.

Wedding cake stand, wedding cake plateau, wedding knife and server are the wedding cake accessories, which together help in arrangement, cutting and serving of the wedding cake. The wedding plateau is a horizontal surface on which the wedding cake is placed. There are different types of wedding cake plateaus. The wedding cake plateaus are available in round and square shapes. They are made out of silver plating and metal like brass. The cake plateau is decorated with precious stones and intricate design. The cake plateaus have small legs on which the plain horizontal surface is placed.

The cake plateaus provide a solid base to cut the wedding cake. The cake stand rests easily on the cake plateau. A beautifully decorated and well made cake plateau gives a great look to the wedding cake on the cake stand. It adds to the grandeur of the wedding cake. The wedding cake plateau has designs of monograms, small flowers they help in the beautification. The monograms are made of chocolate in some of the cases. A cake plateau helps the wedding cake to stand still and it does not fall. It stays upright throughout the wedding ceremony.

Whether a cake is tiered or single layered, it can easily rest on a wedding plateau. Some wedding plateaus made of silver are beautifully handcrafted and look extremely elegant. They are available in round or square shapes depending on the shape of the cake. They are thick gauged i.e. in area and in height. Normally the height of these plateaus is around 2-3 feet and the area varies from 12-18 inches depending on the size of the cake.

There are special wedding cake plateaus available if a couple opts for cup cakes. These are available with the stands on which the cup cakes can be placed and decorated beautifully. Some cake plateaus are white or some other color with lace work, wooden carving finish or a metallic handicraft finish. All these look extremely beautiful. It however depends on the choice of the couple and of course the type of cake they have chosen including the shape, color combinations, design and decoration.

Some cake stands look like a silver plate placed on a holder. Overall, this design looks like a sports trophy and can be a beautiful keepsake in future. Some of the most beautiful and popular cake plateaus are plain, clear and almost look like a crystal. They are simple yet elegant. There are also heart shaped wedding plateaus along with wedding stands available for couples who opt for a heart shaped cake. Glass cake stands also look very beautiful. Plain and clear glass crockery has its own charm and elegance. Glass with self colored itching also looks good.

You can make your wedding ceremony very memorable by designing a special wedding cake plateaus. You can purchase monograms which can again be personalized with the rhinestones and crystals.

You can go for homemade monograms where you can use melted chocolate, pastille, majestic icing, small flowers, stenciling, beading or some wooden designs.

In chocolate monograms, you can use a melted chocolate. For colored monogram, use a white colored chocolate and color it while it's melted just add some color.

From many years, monograms have been utilized to decorate items (e.g. wedding cakes). As the cake is the focus of wedding party, monogram wedding cake will be the unforgettable moment for couple and off course for the viewers also.

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