Wedding Cake Pans

Wedding Cake Pan Sets

A wedding cake is a baker's beautiful creation. Nowadays, with the invention of stylish and technically perfect wedding cake pans, the wedding couple or their family members opt to bake the cake on their own. A cake pan is required to bake a simple as well as a multi-tiered extravaganza. The top-secret at the back of each successful cake is very much in baking pans. There are lots of wedding cake pans available in market. This page contains information on different cake pans. There are different pans such as rounded cake pans, heart shaped cake pans, sheet cake pans, hexagon, oval, petal cake pans and many more. Among these, heart shaped pans and rounded shaped pans are very famous as compared to others. Now let us discuss each cake pans regards it's material, shape, guarantee, warranty, price and other important things.

The first one is heart-shaped cake pan, which is the most common in market because of its shape. It is most suitable for the wedding ceremony. Again, these heart-shaped pans are available in different number of rings such as heart cake ring Six by Three and Seven by Three. The prices of these pans are $9.50 and $10.50 respectively. Both are necessary for layering and molding of foods and desserts. These wonderful molds also can be used for baking cakes and even as a jumbo cookie cutter. Heavy-duty aluminum and precision manufacturing guarantee a lifetime of use of these cakes pan.

The second one is the rounded shaped cake pans in which Second by Second round cake pan, Three by Second round cake pans, 2x2 round cake pan (removable bottom) are available in the market. The prices of these pans are $4.84, $2.84, $4.64 respectively. These also have lifetime warranty against defects, failures, or workmanship issues.

Beside these, there are various types of wedding cakes pans available in market with reasonable prices and full warranty. The other pans are 3-tier deep round or square wedding cake pan, 4 tier oval cake pans, oblong shaped, mini-tiered or small cake pan, tear-drop shaped pans, tart pans, triangle-shaped pans, number cake pans, dome pans, corner cake pans, comma-shaped pans, petal cake pans, hexagon pans, and oval shaped cake pans. Most of these are available in 2-3 tiers. Thus, it is easier to bake cakes keeping in mind the specific demands of the customers. Heavy gauge, commercial quality, aluminum pan provide even heating for best baking results. These cakes pans are very important requirements for a wedding cake.

There are cake pans for miniature with multi-tiered cakes. There is wide range for wedding cup cake pans. You might get confused over this variety of wedding cake pans. You must think in details what you expect about your wedding cake and then only should buy the wedding cake pan.

The following points are to be considered while buying a wedding-cake pan:

  • The cake pan should have money-back guarantee and warranty.
  • It should be non-sticky and have double coating.
  • If someone does not prefer non-sticky pans, then he or she should buy a pan that needs a light coat of oil.

Traditionally the cake pans are made of metals like aluminum which still exist in all bakeries throughout the globe. But now cake pans are made of ceramic or cast iron. There are also silicon cake pans, which are very popular as these are flexible and also easy to clean. No good cake can be baked without the cake pans. The look and taste of a wedding cake depend very much on the cake pans. In that way both the baker and the customers cannot deny the importance of the wedding cake pans.

Given below are the pictures of some wedding cake pan sets including heart, rounded, hexagon, oval shapes etc.

Triangle Wedding Cake Pan Sets Single Wedding Cake Pans Round Cake Pan Sets Different Wedding Cake Pans
Heart Shapes Wedding Cake Pans Oval Wedding Cake Pans Four Tier Petal Cake Pan Set Cheap Wedding Cake Pan Sets