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Wedding is one of the greatest moments in a couple's life. A lot of planning and organization goes on before the actual big day arrives. You have to look at the preparations of venue arrangement, flower decoration, wedding cake, food, etc. When it comes to a wedding cake, you have to decide the flavor, size and shape. You choose the cake that best suits your personal taste. The wedding cake has to be a visual treat through its looks and tastes. The wedding cake gallery is a place where you can take a look at the different features of the cake and its accessories.

The wedding cake gallery is a platform, which helps the couple in choosing the right cake with the perfect flavor in a shape and size that they require for their guests. The couple can find pictures and information about the types of wedding cake, decoration of the cake and cake toppers used. The couple can go through the accessories that are required to place the cake in the wedding venue and to cut it and serve it to the guests. From the days of the Great Roman Empire to the modern day, the wedding cakes had great significance. It has been a symbol of fertility. The wedding cake stands for the union of the couple and they distribute the cake to the invitees to share their happiness and joy.

The cake stands, tables required to assemble and decorate the cake in the venue is given in the wedding cake gallery. The various types of stands and how they can accommodate the cake are shown through pictures. The various types of cake knives used for cutting the cake features in the cake gallery. The cake serve used for serving the cake is also seen in this gallery. The picture of wedding cake charms, wedding cake toppers and different accessories give the couple an idea about how they can use them during their special wedding moment.

Here follows a brief description of the different types mentioned above:

  • Wedding cake toppers: cake toppers are placed in the middle of the cakes to heighten the beauty of the cakes. Beautiful cake toppers are available in the market like monogram cake toppers, funny cake toppers or symbolic cake toppers. Some examples are given: silver or gold script monograms, initial letter monograms, crystal heart or flower topper, personalized topper, military, wedding ring toppers, 'mix and match' wedding couple figurine, cartoon toppers and many more.

  • Wedding cake stands: the cake stands are a trend which has been going on from the earlier times. Now-a-days, many couple opts for stylish, gorgeous and expensive cake stands like acrylic stands and crystal clear cupcake tree stands. The cake stand should match with the wedding cake in color and design.

  • Wedding cake boxes: the cake boxes are most important for serving cakes to the guests. Sometimes some guests want to take the cake home. Thus the cake pieces are wrapped in boxes. These are designed and topped with wonderful toppers like silk butterflies, rose, or rings, etc.

  • Wedding cake charms: Wedding cake pulls or charms are also used as a popular tradition. The wedding couples choose the charms which will reflect their personal style and also the wedding theme, if any. The most common charms are ring, heart, butterfly, star, thimble, wreath, mermaid- each one of them imbued with some significance.

  • Types of wedding cakes: Wedding cakes are of many sizes, shapes and designs. There are simple flat, rounded, square-shaped cakes. Cakes can be designed like a castle, a beach, a church or simply molded in any figure or shape. The wedding cakes also vary in flavors. Vanilla, buttercream, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, chocolate cake with mousse fillings, almond cake with apricot, red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese, caramel spice cake, fruit cakes like coconut or guava cakes, orange mud cakes are really some tasty flavors. The scrumptious cake filled with yummy icing and frosting will let you feel more eager to savor it.

A good understanding of the above-mentioned cakes along with a view of our cake gallery will help you to choose your wedding cake. The wedding cake gallery is a perfect place to view before going to the baker. You can have an idea of the available shapes, sizes, accessories and designs of the various wedding cakes. If someone likes to mix up some designs and create one unique design for his or her wedding that is also possible. You can always refer to the wedding cakes given in the wedding cake gallery to the baker so that he or she gets an idea about your concept of the wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Pictures
Wedding Cake Pictures
Wedding Cake Toppers
Wedding Cake Toppers
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