Wedding Cake Flowers

Wedding Cake Flowers: Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake is an integral part of wedding celebration. The bride and groom order beautiful wedding cake for the special occasion in their lives. The wedding cake symbolizes the purity and fertility of the bride. Today, wedding cakes are available in different sizes and shapes. The flavors can be traditional or modern as per the couple's choice. Variety of decorations and cake toppers are available in the market and with the bakers.

One can go for decoration type that bests suits the wedding cake. The wedding cake has to gel with the venue and flower decoration, theme of wedding and the bridal wear. Play an important role in the decoration. The color scheme has to be vibrant attractive

Wedding cake flower is the best option to decorate a simple cake. A white butter cake can be decorated with red roses as topper. Traditionally, flowers are used for decoration of the wedding cakes. Flowers can be arranged in between the tiers, on the top, on the bottom layer and so on. The flower decoration varies from one cake to other. Cascading flowers from one layer to other in straight, spiral styles is another type of flower decoration used in multi-tiered wedding cake. One has to just look for the flavor of the cake and the colors of the flowers. The two things have to synchronize.

To give a perfect and elegant look to the wedding cake, Wedding cake flowers are used. These flowers may be natural, artificial flowers made from silk, fondant, gum paste, etc. They appeal to human eyes and cake becomes a visual treat.

Take a look at different wedding cakes with flower decoration:

Flowers can add color, personalization, and a touch of stylishness to even the plainest wedding cake and at a fraction of the cost of sugar-paste flowers or other decorations. Flowers can make a plain cake look spectacular. The flowers used for decorating cakes are of two types that are edible and artificial flowers.

You can able to lay out the flowers around the cake in an even fashion, and as cascading down one side. There are some flowers such as pink and white roses, and purple mini calla lilies. Among all of these flowers the mini lilies are more advantageous because you can able to use its stem to wrap around the tiers of wedding cakes. And in case of other flowers such as roses and other just cuts its stems shorts and insert it into cake or use a hairpin.

If you choose flowers to decorate your wedding cake then there are certain points regarding flowers are necessary to considered which includes color, type of flower that is edible flowers or artificial flowers, decor design, cake style, and other things. For a complicated flower arrangement, icing decorations should be kept to a minimum; for a simple cake topper, extra patterns and adornments are welcome. The very important thing is that the fresh flowers which are used on a cake must be free of any harmful treatments. Order the extra flowers to decorate table which helps to wedding cake to look more attractive and good.

Edible flowers are the flowers which are available from your own backyard. There are so many edible flowers which you can use to decorate wedding cakes includes daisies, nasturtiums, Johnny-jump-ups, roses, calendulas, violets and lavender. Petal is another option for the whole flower. The petal also looks very attractive as flowers.

In case of artificial flowers which are widely available in market and these flowers are butter cream, royal icing, gum paste or ready-made silk flowers. To use this flower to decorate wedding cake just cuts the stem of it and insert it into cake in any way that you feel looks attractive or just put it on the wedding cake. Flower holders is the another option instead of insert it into cake. You can also able to use the combinations of these two types of flower that is edible and artificial flowers.

Look at these beautiful wedding cake flowers design.

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