Wedding Cake Fillings

Chocolate Fillings for Wedding Cakes

If you want to bake wedding cake then it's important to know all things related to wedding cakes. If you know the procedure for baking cake but do you know about cake fillings? Cake fillings are the thing which gives cake with fantastic taste as well as helps for decoration of wedding cake. Wedding cake fillings are available in wide variety but usually used cake fillings are basic French Butter cream, Chocolate Ganache. This basic French butter cream is made on a meringue base mounted with butter. And chocolate ganache is a combination of cream and chocolate.

There are cakes which are filled with chocolate truffle filling and Callabaut semi-sweet chocolate mousse. The White Chocolate Mousse Cake is filled with fresh raspberry preserves and Callabaut white chocolate mousse. There are cakes which are filled with different fillings like cream cheese icing, chocolate ganache, semi-sweet chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries, one layer each of chocolate mousse and coffee cream, fresh whipped cream and sliced berries, lemon curd, lemon cream and fresh raspberries. Now it is a difficult task for you to choose filling combination as there is wide variety in filling combination. Take help of a baker to choose the correct combination of filling.

Buttercream filling is the most used wedding cake filling. The classic filling is made with egg yolk, butter, and sugar. Whereas, the one based on meringue is made with egg whites. This filling is an all time favorite for wedding cakes and undoubtedly very tasty. Ganache is another popular filling that can also be used as an icing. It is made of heavy cream and dark chocolate. This is sinfully delicious that would make your wedding cake a big hit.

Mousses or Mousselines are an alternative choice for the basic buttercream. They are flavored usually with fruits and taste the best when served chilled. Pastry cream is another filling that makes the wedding cake yummy and with this kind of wedding cake filling should be maintained at low temperatures. Fruits are the most commonly used filling which goes well with any wedding cake. They also make the best decoration pieces for wedding cakes.

Wedding cake fillings should be flavored, stronger, and brighter as the cakes should not be dull and subdued by all the different variety of foods and alcohol available. Jams are other favorites that are used for filling and they make the cakes yummy to taste and look at. Buttercream can be used around the edges of the cake in excess and can be filled with jams made up of raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry. The wall of rich buttercream doesn't allow the jam to go out and the stained look makes your wedding cake look stunning.

Refrigerating the cake with fillings should be done with much care. The Mousse recipes should not be refrigerated for a long time as the cake may turn soggy and result in last minute problems. Cakes with fondant icing should never be refrigerated and cakes with buttercream filling should be kept in temperature controlled rooms. Cakes with fruit fillings should be prepared and arranged just few hours before as there is a problem of fruits ripening and oozing juice that would soak the cake. The filling should be complimenting and suit the flavor, style and decoration of your wedding cake.

You can also use a combination of any two or three cake fillings. Also there are recipes for wedding cake fillings. Let's discuss something about chocolate ganache fillings recipe. For chocolate ganache recipe, the ingredients required are twenty four bittersweet chocolate, two and half cups of heavy creams. The recipe procedure is as follows:

  • First bowl the chopped chocolate
  • Heat the heavy cream until it comes to a simmer
  • Then remove cream from heat and pour on to the chocolate
  • After 3 to 5 minutes mix the cream and chocolate with the help of a spoon
  • Then cool it until its becomes thickened

Look at pictures of wedding cake fillings below which are filled with different fillings:

White Wedding Cakes with Fillings Pink Roses Four Tier Wedding Cake Fillings with Butterfly Simple Wedding Cakes Fillings with Green & Pink Color Blue Wedding Cake Fillings with White Simple Border
White Wedding Cakes with Raspberry Fillings Three Tier Wedding Cake Fillings with White Flowers Pure White Wedding Cake Fillings with Icing Frosting Three Tiered Wedding Cake Fillings with Couple Toppers & White Roses