Wedding Cake Decorations

White Wedding Cake Decorations with Pink Sugar Flowers

Wedding cake is an inseparable part of wedding. The bride and groom take a lot of efforts to choose a perfect wedding cake that synchronizes with the theme of the wedding, venue arrangement, flower arrangement and bridal wear. The flavor of the cake has to be such that all the guests remember it for years to come. The shape has to be attractive and the couple should use their likes, passions and hobbies while designing the shape of the wedding cake. The size depends on the number of people invited for the wedding. A wedding cake has to look good and taste delicious. Decoration and cake topper add the require charm to the wedding cake.

In today's world of presentation, decoration of wedding cake plays an important role. The decoration is usually done with the help of fondant icing fresh or artificial flowers, satin bows and ribbons and elegant cake toppers. The decoration has to gel with the flavor of the cake. Both have to compliment each other. The wedding has to be a visual treat that can happen only when you go for the right decoration. With technology and techniques, a simple cake can be decorated in few minutes with less efforts and it looks beautiful.

Let's take a look at various wedding cake decorations tips:
  • A simple white cake can be decorated with red or pink satin ribbons. Every layer of the cake should have a ribbon tied at the bottom. The color combination of white and red looks attractive. You can ask the baker to insert small red colored hearts on the cake. That will make the cake look romantic.
  • Flowers can always be used for wedding cake decoration. A bunch of red roses or purple orchids can be used as a cake topper. The flowers cascading down on the layers in straight or spiral manner has a great visual impact. You just have to take care of colors used. An orange cake with white flowers looks really good.
  • Decorating a wedding cake with elegant toppers in for crystal monograms, vintage toppers in form of entangled hearts, love birds, etc. look great on wedding cake. The figurine of a couple is the most popular and beautiful topper one can think of. Use it to enhance the beauty of your wedding cake.
  • There are icing colors available in the market. These colors can be used to decorate the wedding cake. A hint of golden icing color on a dark chocolate cake looks really beautiful. A bright carrot cake can have a tinge of silver color icing color.
  • Decorating the cake with fresh fruits is also a good idea. This depends on the season you are getting married in. The fresh fruits available in that season can be used creatively to decorate the border of the cake as well as stuff some pieces in between the layers.
  • Plenty of edible material like flowers, strands, ribbons, etc., are available ready-made with baker's for decoration. So if you want to make most of your cake edible, using these sugar and gum items makes sense.
  • If you are a not a conventional bride, you can think to draw or spray exquisite designs on your cake. Henna designs; Celtic designs or symbols; or Japanese designs look very good.
  • You could also paste, cookies, chocolates or any other material on the cake to form a particular design. You can make the basic shape of the cake creative i.e. you can make the shape of a wedding gown, teapot, Christmas tree or anything else you could think of. If you have an offbeat shape, you would require less decoration.
Wedding cake decoration includes everything from the cake stand, cake topper, cake jewelry to the edible decoration pieces. All this makes a complete wedding cake and adds to its beauty. There is no upper limit to your imagination to decorate your wedding cake. It is essential that you talk to your baker about your preferences of colors, flavors, designs, cake toppers and even the table decoration.

Writing on cakes is also a skill. A good writing on a cake can catch your attention. Instead of just writing "Good Wishes" or the names of the bride and groom, you could make it slightly innovative. If the couple has a theme for their wedding, apply that theme in your writing. You could possibly do something that is strikingly different. For instance, in today's world of internet, snail mail hardly exists. However, we all have some or the other memories of the letters we sent or received as a kid. You could create this scenario on the top of the cake; as if the couple has received a letter from someone elderly about the good wishes for their wedding. You can write "Post Office" on the top with the message, date and the names below.

Here are some wedding cake decorations with other materials likes cupcakes, flowers etc.

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