Wedding Cake Cutting

Wedding Cake Cutting

Wedding cake plays a significant role in the wedding ceremony. The wedding cake is a result of the couple's personal tastes and hard work they have put in finding the right type of cake, decorating the cake and matching it with all the other wedding arrangements. The wedding cake is placed on a cake table in a fashion such that all the guests get an opportunity to have a look at it. The newly wed couple and cake both are center of attraction throughout the ceremony. The wedding cake has to look elegant, beautiful and taste good. Wedding cake cutting is an important tradition of the wedding ceremony. The cutting of the cake by the bride and the groom symbolizes their first act of sharing. It signifies the breaking of the virginal state of the bride and hence is associated with the concept of fertility. The cake stands for happiness and good fortune for the married couple. Although its meaning has varied in different ages and in different cultures, the wedding cake remains an important attraction of the wedding ceremony. The cake cutting is an auspicious moment for the couple as well as the guests who have come to share their happiness and give their best wishes to the couple. The cutting of the cake is announced minutes before the actual ceremony. This is done so that all the guests can capture the moment of cutting the wedding cake. The couple stands in the center with a cake table surrounded by family, friends and acquaintances.

The wedding cake is cut in the following manner:

  • The groom places his right hand on the bride's hand holding the decorated and pretty cake knife to cut the cake.
  • The couple cuts the first piece of the wedding cake and feed each other.
  • The slice of the cake is fed by the groom to the bride first and then the bride to groom.
  • Then the cake is cut into pieces and shared with all the guests.
  • The cake is cut into pieces according to the shape of the cake.

The cake cutting becomes a successful event if it is planned in advance. The cake knife and server are decorated and matched with the cake. They have to be kept at the right place before cutting the cake. This helps the couple in cutting the cake at the right moment. The catering staff has to arrange for napkins, forks, plates to serve the cake to all the guests. Now-a-days wedding cake cutting set are available in the market. Again there are caterers who will cut the cake and serve them to the guests. The cost that they charge for cake cutting is called wedding cake fee. Somewhere in the past the wedding couple used to shove cake in each other's face.

Thus the cake cutting ceremony was viewed as something insignificant. But that tradition has faded away. And now the cake cutting is observed as a significant tradition or custom, which symbolizes the couple's fist act of sharing. Again the first piece of cake cut together is viewed as the couple's first meal taken together. In the present day, cake cutting ceremony is observed as an end to the main party. After that the wedding couple, their families and guests can rock the dance floor. So if any guest wants to leave the party after cake cutting, he or she can leave. Actually all the guests and invitees wait for the sweet and romantic moment when the wedding couple will cut the cake. Romantic wedding cake cutting songs are played at that time.

There are many superstitions associated with the Wedding cake cutting. One of these is that if the bride and groom do not cut the cake then they will risk their chances of procreation. Nevertheless cake cutting has been an important tradition of the wedding ceremony right from the remote past. The special moment is really worth-capturing.

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