Wedding Cake Charms

Wedding Cake Charms

Wedding cake plays an important role in a wedding ceremony. A lot of traditions like pulling the charms from the cake, cake cutting, etc. are associated with the wedding cake. The cutting of the cake is symbolic of the wedding couple's first act of sharing and the breaking of the virginal state of the bride. Similarly the wedding cake charms are also symbolic. Each wedding cake charm is different from the other and hence the meaning is also different.

A lot of planning and organization goes into making the wedding moment memorable for the couple as well as for the guests. So the wedding cake is chosen by the couple depending on their personal tastes. Once this cake is chosen, the decoration of the cake has to be decided. A lot of accessories like cake stand, cake knives and server set, cake toppers, cake favors, cake charms are shopped for. All these things have to match with the wedding cake.

Many of the wedding traditions that are followed today have their roots in the Victorian Era. Likewise the tradition of wedding cake charms started in the Victorian age and continues till today. The bride used to hide the charms inside the cakes which were pulled by the bride's maid. The charms are made of glass, porcelain, brass, silver, gold, crystal, etc. or other articles. These are tied with colored ribbons and inserted in between the layers of the cake. If the wedding cake is a simple single-tiered cake, then the cake charms are inserted into the cake at the bottom. Then a considerable part of the ribbon is set loose along the sides of the cake. It really looks nice to view the much-decorated wedding cake surrounded by the satin ribbons hanging from it.

The wedding cake charms attached to white colored satin ribbon or the colored ribbons that best suit the cake, are inserted in the cake in such a way that they can easily be pulled out. The cake is baked first and then each of the charm is inserted into the cake layers. These satin ribbons are fanned out in a circular fashion near the cake table. Before the cake cutting, these charms are pulled out. The charms are symbolic and stand for various themes like love, new life, fertility, romance, sharing, etc. The charms are given as gifts to the girls who pulled out those or the bride can keep them as part of her wedding memorabilia.

The bridesmaids, small children, friends of the bride pull the charms from the well decorated, beautiful and elegant cake before it is cut by the bride and groom. The charms are for good luck. They are available in various shapes and sizes. The most popular charms are heart, ring, star, kite, anchor, butterfly, flower, rose, etc. Generally these charms are inserted into the layers of the cake or at the bottom layer of the cake and cake tray. The charms are attached to satin ribbons.

Today's weddings are an extravagant affair. Couples think and spend much on the wedding. They visit stores, contact designers, view cake galleries on the various websites only to make their wedding and the wedding decorations a memorable one. Among the various accessories cake charms are very important as a tradition and also as a decor item. Wedding cakes charms are chosen according to the personal likes and tastes of the wedding couple. The choice of the bride and the groom coupled with the baker's efficiency in inserting the cake charms are equally important in observing the cake charm tradition in a wedding.

Here follows a list of some cake charms along with their symbolic meaning:

  • Castle: One who gets a castle becomes very happy as it means he or she will live a happy life ever after.
  • Sun: Sun as a cake charm symbolizes a very bright future.
  • Heart: Your lover or beloved will come surely.
  • Sunglasses: You will lead a life of leisure.
  • Fleur-de-Lis: Love will blossom; prosperity and happiness will fill your life.
  • Anchor: Adventure waits for you.
  • Nautical Star: Anyone who has this will always find his/her way.
  • Shoe: You will always have a partner who is perfect for you.
  • Kite: Fun and leisurely life
  • Red Bean: Good luck
  • Seagull: Do n't dream it be it!
  • Recycling: You are an asset to your community
  • Mermaid: You are a Free spirit
  • Hot Air Balloon: You will enjoy a life of travel and adventure

Besides there are some modern wedding cake charms also like Love wine charms, Cowboy hat charms, Silver wine charms, Sparkle snowflakes charms, Solid hearts gold charms, Just Married confetti, stylish Felt Butterflies, Starfish or Seashell wedding cake charm etc.

Here is some pictures of wedding cake charms.

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