Wedding Cake Candles

Wedding Cake Candles: Wedding Cakes

Wedding is a special event in every couple's life. A lot of planning, preparation and organization go into a wedding. A beautiful, well-organized wedding is a result of efforts taken by the two families and the couple. Wedding is a celebration of the couple's love and trust towards each other and they share their happiness with the guests. Wedding is incomplete without a wedding cake. A wedding cake has to synchronize with the theme of the wedding, venue and flower decoration, bridal wear and so on. The flavor and shape of the cake is decided by the couple as per their personnel likes. The cake is decorated with topper, icing and flowers. Wedding cake candles are used as toppers and sometimes as a return gift for all the guests.

A candle is a symbol of enlightenment. Lighting candles are an important tradition in many cultures. In Christianity candle is the symbol of Jesus, the 'Light of the World'. Thus candles are used in various occasions and festivals. It is important part of Christmas celebration, birthday celebration and various church services. A candle is used in wedding in various ways. It can be used as a decorative item with the wedding cake, topper of the wedding cake and as a return gift to the guests. The wedding cake table can be decorated with small wedding cake candles. The big wedding cake can be topped with a candle and it can also be surrounded with candles. There are many types of cake candles available in the market.

A list of the candles are given below:

  • Fashion Craft Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor
  • Beach theme wedding cake candles
  • Fruit designed (pumpkin, strawberry, apple) wedding cake candle
  • Mini cupcakes candles
  • Christmas candles used as religious wedding cake toppers like- Votive candles, party candles, Hand-poured candles etc
  • Teddy-bear inspired colored cupcake candles
  • Cross-topped cake designed candles
  • Heart-shaped or candy-shaped candles
  • Besides these there are scented candles, gel candles, floating candles, multi-tiered wax candles- all used for wedding purpose only.

The use of wedding cake candle is based on the couple's personnel choice. The wedding cake candle is available in various shapes, sizes and flavors. Some bakers design the wedding cake candle as per the flavor of the cake. The wedding cake candle and wedding cake has to be synchronized. Along with cake candles, candle stands are also available. Pillar holders, votive cups, tart burners etc. are some beautiful cake candles stands.

The wedding cake candle can be ordered online or one can asks the baker to prepare it with the cake as a topper. Many couples use it as a topper for their cake. This candle looks elegant and makes the cake look attractive. The wedding cake candle is used as a topper that can be saved for the first anniversary or can be kept as a memento in you're wedding memorabilia. It is a couple's choice. The cake topper in form of candle has a flavor that gels with the wedding cake and icing. It should be baked in such a manner that it looks great and tastes delicious. A combination of colors can be made like a strawberry cake with white wedding cake candle, white wedding cake with chocolate cake candle and so on. These cake candles can be trimmed with beads of glitter and flowers and then tied with ribbon. For further decoration purpose, one can tie a 'thank you' or 'all the best' message to the candle wrapper. The cake candles can also be decorated with intricate hand designs, scrolls and polka dots to mark a colorful and individual style.

There are some couples who use this candle as a return gift to all the guests. The couple orders these cake candles and packs them in a special box. One can prepares a wedding candle that is an exact replica of wedding cake and then pack it in a personalized cake box. You can order a baker to make number of these multi-tired cakes of same flavor as your wedding cake can have a small wig on the top layer. It will give the cake a candle like look. These small cakes can be packed in beautiful boxes that have the couple's name and wedding date with a satin ribbon bow. At the time of leaving, every guest has this candle as return gift. But baking cake candles are not an easy task. The baker has to be very careful. The cake candles are covered with a fragranced core and wax. Both the core and the wax should be colored, and finally the cake is to be topped with a matching icing. These candles are great in looks and smell beautiful. This candle will makes every guest remembers you're wedding cake and wedding for years to come. It will be memorable for the couple too.

Wedding is a ceremony of colors and lighting, feast and partying. Cake candles lend that special glow and warmth to the ceremony. Candles are symbols of purity and tranquility. Wedding marks the new journey of the couple sharing their precious moments. The candles are also symbolic of the new beginning.

Let's take a look at the pictures of wedding cake candle:

White Wedding Cake Candle Pink Wedding Cake Candle White Wedding Cake Candle with Flowers Blue & White Wedding Cake Candle Square Wedding Cake Candle
Single Wedding Cake Candle Stylish Wedding Cake Candle Mini Wedding Cake Candles Wedding Cake Candles with Stand Romantic Wedding Cake Candles
Single Wedding Cake Candles Sliver Wedding Cake Candles Blue Wedding Cake Candles Different Shaped Wedding Cake Candles Winter Wedding Cake Candles