Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Wedding is one grand occasion in a couple's life. And so is the Wedding anniversary. An anniversary is a time to cherish the beautiful moments that you have shared with your spouse. It is an occasion to celebrate the love, trust and commitment that you have for your partner. This day is memorable as it keeps reminding you the days when you walked down the aisle with your spouse. An anniversary can be spent with family and friends or with your spouse. It is a couple's choice. A great dinner and tasty a wedding anniversary cake play a significant role in the celebration.

Wedding anniversary cakes are baked to share your happiness with each other. There are various types of anniversary wedding cakes available in various flavors, sizes and shapes. The anniversary cake can be baked at home or can be ordered from a bakery. The size of cake depends on number of people invited for the celebration. If you are going to celebrate the anniversary alone with your spouse then you can have a small round, square cake or heart-shaped cake. If there are many people then you can go for a multi-tired cake.

Wedding Anniversary Cakes are varied. One can beautify the cake with his or her imagination. The flavor depends on the couple's personnel choice and taste. The flavor of the cake has to match with the filling and icing of the cake. So, icing and filling should be done in a careful way. Vegan icing is a popular one. Filling can be done with white Russian mousse or any chocolate or strawberry mousse. Buttercream icing like Italian Meringue buttercream are well-liked. Flavors like chocolate, strawberry, cheese, lemon, or lemon mint is common for anniversary cakes. For decoration purpose there remains endless options like gum paste hearts, flowers like roses, daisies or lilies, butterflies, pearls, sugar hydrangeas etc. silver or gold ornaments or painting letters are also good for those who want to lend a personnel style to the unique wedding cakes

If you want to have an extravagant cake, the Las Vegas cake perfectly suits you. A symbolic wedding cake topper is a must for wedding anniversary cakes. Some couple prefers the crystal initials of their names while others look for Personalized Celebration Cake Topper, Swarovski or Rhinestone cake top numbers, castle toppers, toppers representing a comic figurine of the couple. The bakers of today are perfectly able to fulfill the demands of the wedding couple regarding the anniversary cakes. There are beautiful and colorful cakes for 10th, 25th, 30th or 50th wedding anniversaries.

Let's take a look at different types of wedding anniversary cakes:

  • The cake that has two cakes in shape of numbers is quite popular. If you're wedding anniversary 50th, you will have 50th anniversary cakes. Then there will be two cakes in shape of five and zero. The flavors can be of your choice. A carrot cake with chocolate icing can be ideal one if the couple likes it.
  • A large heart shaped cake with a photograph of the couple is another common anniversary cake. The baker uses you're wedding snap and creates it at the center of the cake.
  • The exact replica of wedding cake in small size is a great idea as it gives pleasant memory of the big day.
  • A multi-tiered white cake with a crystal topper in form of number is a type of anniversary cake many couples opt for. The crystal topper is the number of years spent together by the couple. Twenty five is the topper used if it is the couple's 25th anniversary.
  • A simple wedding cake can be decorated with red rubies and fondant ribbon roses if it is fortieth wedding anniversary. The cake can be decorated with the things associated with each year's wedding anniversary.

Thus wedding anniversary cakes can be traditional or modern, or a blend of sophistication and simplicity. Wedding anniversary is nothing but a journey down the memory lane reviving the spark and spirit of the most important event in a couple's life. Friends, family, feast, fun and a fabulous wedding anniversary cake- will anyone choose to think more?

Select one anniversary cake design with the help of following pictures or inform baker to bake a cake as per your specifications.

Single Wedding Anniversary Cakes Heart Shaped Wedding Anniversary Cakes White Wedding Anniversary Cakes Brown & White Wedding Anniversary Cakes
Chocolate Wedding Anniversary Cakes Wedding Anniversary Cakes with Flowers Square Wedding Anniversary Cakes Three Tiered Wedding Anniversary Cakes
Simple Wedding Anniversary Cakes 25th Wedding Anniversary Cakes 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Wedding Anniversary Cakes with Red Roses