Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake is an inseparable part of a wedding ceremony. The wedding cakes, wedding cake toppers, decorations, etc. make the wedding ceremony look special and elegant. There are many types of wedding cake toppers, like monogram, crystal, unique, vintage, military, etc. available in the market. Depending on the choice of the couple, and the theme of the wedding, wedding cake toppers are decided. The wedding cake topper has to match the couple's interests, their relationship and wedding arrangements. If you like old and antique things, then you can go for a vintage wedding cake topper. They are easily available online as well as in antique shops.

Vintage wedding cake toppers give an elegant look to the wedding cake, and it helps in making the cake a center of attraction. At many times, vintage wedding cake toppers are available in the family. Many brides use the unique wedding cakes toppers used in the wedding of their parents, aunts, grandmother, etc. These toppers are made from wood, porcelain or silver plated, etc. therefore if they are well maintained, they can be used. They look authentic as well as antique. They belong to bride's maternal or paternal family. Hence, the cake becomes sentimental and memorable, associated with the wedding.

If you do not get the vintage wedding cake toppers in your family, then do not loose heart. You can buy them for your wedding, and keep it as a souvenir. These toppers come in various shapes and sizes. You can have toppers in form of two doves, lovebirds, entangled hearts, wedding bells and the most common yet beautiful a figurine of a couple. There are options like silk flowers, glass pearls, etc. that one can choose from. This will give your cake a sophisticated look. The topper that you finalize, have to gel well with the color and flavor of the wedding cake, flower arrangements, venue decoration, bride's dress and theme of the wedding.

The popular and simple yet marvelous figurine of a couple used as vintage wedding cake topper makes the wedding cake look sweet, and matches the occasion. These figurines are available in wood, porcelain, crystal, and glass. The figurine can be an exact replica of the couple who is getting married. The figurine is an exact representation of the bridal dress, skin tone of the bride, as well as the dinner jacket of groom. This best suits the occasion and symbolizes the love, care in the relationship of the couple, and the union of two people. Vintage wedding cake toppers are a perfect way to celebrate the special moment in your life.

There are many other traditional symbols used as cake toppers or cake toppers that symbolize love. These are doves, scroll bells, hearts, fairies, entangled hearts, round light ups, square light ups, crowns made of rhinestone, Romeo and Juliet, Hawaiian couples, wedding bells, heart pewter, child couples, heart and roses, swan with heart, 2 doves with flowers, celtic pewter, etc apart from the typical dancing or kissing couple as a cake topper.

Cake toppers could be just keepsakes or even utility items. They could be in the form of bottle openers or paper weights. Even if there is no utility it is nice to keep it as a wonderful memory of your wedding for the years to come. You could pass it on to your next generation as well.

However, the vintage bride and groom cake topper has its own charm. The bride and groom dressed in a Victorian era style and holding hands or walking together with arm in arm all set to take the big step look very pretty and romantic as a cake topper. You could customize this basic wedding topper mostly made of porcelain. See to it that it suits your cake. For instance, if you have a white or ivory buttercream cake, then you could place this couple in an ivory colored basket of porcelain flowers. This would look like the couple is walking in the garden and the basket would nicely complement the cake.

Many of the shops or online stores have an exclusive collection of vintage cake toppers. These range right from the 1900s look. It is nice to see these topper couples dressed up as per a particular era. The fashion sense in 1920s was different. It varied in 1940s, 60s, 70s and so on. Each era has its own style and grace. These cake toppers look especially good if you are going to wear a vintage wedding dress.

Here are some beautiful vintage wedding cake topper pictures.

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