Valentine Wedding Cakes

Valentine Wedding Cakes

Getting married on a Valentine's Day seems like a really good idea, isn't it? Love is in the air and what better day than the Valentine's Day to celebrate your love! Valentine's Day was initially celebrated to represent the love between any two individuals; be it lovers, siblings or friends. But, over the centuries it has evolved to be a celebration of passionate love.

A lot of people get married on the Valentine's Day. It is one of the most popular dates to get married. There are some basic things you need to consider when planning a valentine wedding.

A wedding cake is an important part of any wedding. Traditionally, a wedding cake is multi-tiered and white in color. The topmost tier is preserved for the couple's first anniversary. Wedding cake consists of toppers, icing, flavors, colors and embellishments.

  • Color Palette - The popular valentine's colors can be incorporated in the valentine wedding cakes. These are red, pink, fuchsia, magenta, purple, lavender, white, and ivory. These colors represent the love and romance theme, which is the core of any wedding.

You can have a traditional multi-layered or multi-tiered cake in these colors or combination of 2 - 3 colors. Combination of red, pink and white is popular for valentine wedding cake. You can also have white wedding cakes embellished with hearts, miniature bride and groom, couple silhouette etc. Sparklers in maroon or burgundy can also look good for a valentine wedding.

  • Shape - Heart is the popular shape for valentine wedding cakes. 4 - 5 tiers of hearts look really awesome on a wedding cake. Each layer is embellished with sparkling silver hearts and flowers.

A valentine wedding cake can also be in the shape of a butterfly, or a flower. You can have a normal round shape multi-tiered wedding cake with flowers cascading down the side of this cake. Instead of flowers, edible little hearts and butterflies also look good on a valentine wedding cake.

  • Toppers - Wedding Cake Toppers are very important for any wedding cake. For valentine wedding cakes you can use toppers such as classic miniature bride and groom, heart, or a Rose bud. These look extremely romantic when topped on a wedding cake.

A valentine wedding cake can also be topped with edible wedding cake toppers such as glittering ribbon, little marzipan hearts, Rose petals, veil and flowers.

  • Icing and Frosting - A wedding cake is generally done using sugar icing as it is long lasting and does not melt quickly. Whipped cream can also be used but it can melt in the case of a sultry weather. Wedding Cake Icings are of various types. However, sugar icing is mostly used for wedding cakes due to its durability. Wedding Cake Frosting is thicker and fluffier than the icing. It is mainly made of fats and butter, which makes it creamier and richer than the icing. These are some common types of icing and frosting:

  • Royal Icing
  • Fondant
  • Glaze
  • Ganache
  • Whipped Cream
  • Buttercream
  • Fudge Frosting

  • Flavors - Chocolate is the most popular flavor when it comes to valentine wedding cake. Chocolate represents the love and romance that the couple shares with each other. It is the most romantic flavor ever invented! Wedding Cake Flavors mainly consist of chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry. If you do want to have something traditional, you can always go for the good old vanilla or cream. You can also combine 2 or more flavors instead of going for a single flavor for the whole cake. Like colors, flavors can also be distributed one each to each tier.
Combinations such as chocolate and vanilla or strawberry and vanilla are quite a refreshing idea. This helps you avoid the monotony. You can also combine three flavors like orange, vanilla and mango or chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The tier color can also be changed according to the flavor of that respective tier.

  • Embellishments - You can use various types of embellishments such as bride and groom silhouette, hearts, good luck charms such as anchor, dolphin etc. Besides, miniature cupid can be an ideal embellishment for your valentine wedding cake. This miniature cupid can also be used as a Wedding Cake Topper. Marzipan is another popular embellishment for a wedding cake.

Glitter dust; press on candies, faux flowers and leaves etc. make great embellishments and lend a much needed appealing look to the wedding cake.

Thus, before deciding on your valentine wedding cake, do make sure that you have considered all these things. Take some trial sessions with your baker and let him know what exactly you want. If you don't explain what you are seeking, the whole thing can turn into a big fiasco, which costs you a bomb!

Besides, make sure the baker is skilled. There have been the examples of inept bakers ruining the most important day of the couple's lives by showing their "expertise" in the wrong place.

Planning beforehand never fails and you have your perfect wedding day! Have a blast!

Here are some romantic valentine wedding cakes pictures:

Three Tier Valentine Wedding Cakes Decorated with Hearts & Roses Four Tier Valentine Wedding Cakes Valentine Wedding Cakes Shape Like Gift Box with Bow
Dark Red Five Tier Valentine Wedding Cakes Valentine Wedding Cake in Square Shape White Valentine Wedding Cake Decorated with Red Roses
Towle Valentine Wedding Cake Decorated with White Flowers Pink Valentine Wedding Cakes Red Valentine Wedding Cakes Decorated with Mini White Flowers