Summer Wedding Cakes

Summer Wedding Cakes Decorated with Teardrop

Think of summer wedding cakes and a few things that would strike you are plenty of fresh fruits and flower, warm sunny weather, tropical environment and plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Summer indicates plenty of fresh peaches, guavas, passion fruits, apples, kiwis, citrus fruits and lots of bright colored flowers. Include all this in your wedding cake to add all the required enthusiasm to your nice and bright summer wedding.

Wedding cake is an integral part of any wedding and should essentially look presentable and taste delicious. It is the center of attraction for most guests in the wedding. A typical summer cake would be with a white base with plenty of colors added in the design. Instead of a dark chocolate cake, you could prefer white chocolate or vanilla. You could also use pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue or any other shade of your choice. Pastel shades complement the summer environment very well. White base with bright yellow or green designs on a cake give the typical summer look.

If you have an outdoor venue, then it is a good idea to opt for a fondant cake instead of soft butter cream. This is because, if you cake the cake for a long time in the sun, it would certainly melt. If you are particular about a soft and fresh cake, ask your caterer to refrigerate it till sometime before the cake cutting ceremony because the melted butter would spoil the look of the cake.

Beach weddings are common in summers. You can use a beach theme in your cake. You could make a cake design that depicts the coastal environment like aqua blue water, sand and palm trees. Another idea is to depict marine life on the cake like fish, marine plants and other aquatic creatures. You could place sugar conch shells, oysters, pearls, etc on the cake border. You could use a cake topper of a couple shipping or fishing in the sea. You could create designs of sugar dolphins, starfish, sea coral, etc.

You can use fresh or sugar flowers on the cake. Create sugar tulips, orchids, carnations, roses, gerberas, sunflower, daisies, calla lilies and other seasonal flowers. Decorating the cake with fresh flowers are also a good idea. Keep your cake base or fondant white or ivory and decorate the wedding cake with these sugar flowers in colors like orange, peach, yellow which would look very summery.

You could add these hues to the cupcakes if you want to opt for individual cupcakes for your guests. These can be decorated beautifully and arranged on a three or four tier cake stand. The upper most tier of the cake stand could be reserved for a small wedding cake meant for the cake cutting ceremony. You could use various fresh fruit flavors like strawberry, pineapple, etc or use lemon or other citrus fruit flavors. Especially for cupcakes, you could keep 2-3 of these flavors and let your guests choose their favorite one.

You could depict a typical countryside nature in your cake with plenty of trees, lush green pastures and blossomed flowers. You could decorate the cake with some of the freshest herbs available in summers. Also, you can set up a counter of tea with these fresh herbs for your guests. These could include chamomile, basil, lemon grass, lavender, etc.

Summer wedding cake should typically represent the warm and pleasant environment in the summer. You could take ample ideas from the internet or talk to your baker about various possible options. Do anything to make sure your wedding cake is good and appreciated by your guests as you do not have to book a wedding cake everyday. Let your wedding cake become a good memory to cherish for your lifetime.

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