Silver Wedding Cakes

Silver Wedding Cakes Decorated with Silver Ribbons and Stars

Silver wedding cakes look stunning and add elegance to the wedding. The cake may not be entirely silver but only in bits and pieces. You could have combinations of silver with white, red, blue or any other color that complements silver. You could use silver in the design of the cake. For instance, silver polka dots or silver ribbons on a wedding cake look magnificent. Silver bows also look good. Most of these could be made out of sugar and gum.

You could use silver cake toppers or cake stands. Some of the unconventional cake toppers like monograms look good in silver. You could make one tier out of the three in sliver and the keep the rest of the two tiers in white or ivory. You can arrange some silver sugar flowers on the cake or create a creeper of sliver flowers, leaves and stems to arrange it from bottom to top covering all the tiers of the wedding cake.

Silver color gives the wedding cake a rich, metallic look. These cakes would complement more if you have a silver theme for your wedding. Silver cakes would be the best gift on your silver or 25th wedding anniversary. For decoration or cake toppers, you could use silver jewelry with stones; for instance a silver flower fitted with rhinestones. You could place this flower on a silver sugar bow on the cake. This looks rich and lavish.

Combination of blue and silver not only looks stunning but it also has a lot of symbolic importance. Using blue and silver in wedding cakes, gifts, decor, etc has a special meaning. Blue indicates purity and fidelity. Silver complements well especially if you have a winter wedding. A white three tiered square shaped cake with silver ribbons tied on each tier and a silver bow on the top looks beautiful. You can decorate your wedding cake with real pinecones colored in silver and place 3-4 of them on each tier.

Silver cake for your 25th wedding anniversary is truly an amazing experience. If you opt to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with your family and friends, you can set the tone of the party as silver. You can have not only a silver anniversary cake but also decor in silver and some other color; preferably blue as it indicated fidelity. You could have your tables, chairs, centerpieces, etc themed in silver and blue. You can gift chocolates or small favor gifts to your family and friends that are wrapped in silver foils and blue ribbons. You could also serve them silver and blue cupcakes. You could use all your silverware and glassware crockery and cutlery if it is a home affair with a limited number of guests. You could gift something of silver to your children.

A nice idea is to get some picture frames with a silver border and arrange your pictures as a couple, pictures with children when they were kids, recent pictures of your children and the ones with their families in case your children are married. This would depict the emotional bonding in twenty five years. You can arrange these pictures nicely on a table or one of the walls.

Silver wedding cakes and in general a silver tone to the wedding has its elegance. It looks sober and understated yet beautiful. Be it in combination with some other color or used singly, this color has its own charm. Silver is especially important in case of 25th wedding anniversaries and of course it should be. Spending 25 years with one person with all the love and commitment truly deserves a celebration.

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