Russian Wedding Cakes

Russian Wedding Cakes Decorated with Sugar White Flower

Russian wedding cakes are extremely colorful and magnificent. Although, there is no such tradition of the couple cutting the cake together, nowadays many couples have adopted some of the western traditions, cake cutting being one of them.

Russian weddings are quite different from the west. The celebrations go on for anything from 2 days to 1 week. The most important part of a Russian ceremony is the marriage registration and getting a marriage certificate. Even if the couple opts for a church wedding, registration like a civil wedding is a must. Hence, the couple opting for a church wedding should get married in a civil ceremony in front of the witnesses. All the marriages are registered in the department of public services called ZAGS.

In the reception party, the cake is cut by the bride and the groom. They feed the cake to each other. This feeding of the cake signifies the commitment and love for each other. There are different varieties of wedding cakes which can be purchased for the ceremony.

Typically a Russian wedding does not involve bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, rehearsals, music selection, etc. The wedding receptions also involve only the parents of bride and the groom, close family and friends. It is a tradition to drink a lot in Russian weddings. It is quite normal for the guests to drink to an extent that they are out of their mind by the time they leave the venue.

However, nowadays, Russians have adopted many western traditions, cake cutting is also a part of most wedding ceremonies. Even if the couple does not cut the cake, it is served to the guests at the end of the reception. Hence, it is natural that most couples opt for a cake of their choice of designs and colors. They do not typically have a three tiered white cake.

There is ample choice for creativity and innovation in Russian wedding cakes. You could actually create a world in your wedding cake; anything you could imagine or think of. You could use all kinds of colors and flavors. You could create anything from castles to beaches and wedding gowns to new home. You can make the cake amply big in size. If you make a castle, you can actually have trees and plants around the castle. Hence, you can use all shades of green, brown, ivory or anything that hits your imagination. If you opt for a beach scene cake, you can use blue colored water with dolphins in it and the couple on the top of a mountain or in a ship.

You could get as romantic as the bride and groom eloping on a horse and going towards the castle or the groom waiting on the horse for the bride who is looking from a balcony in the castle. One more idea is to make a decorated, decked up castle meant to welcome the newly weds. You can include a carriage or a sledge in your cake or the groom playing a violin for the bride to be. There is nothing traditional about these cakes. Hence, you can play around with your ideas.

You can make a forest like theme or a scenic green landscape with the bride and groom in the setting. You can make a basket of flowers. Use innumerable colors and designs of flowers in this. You can make a normal white 3 tier cake with two white doves on top. Basically whatever, design you choose, it is important that the design indicates love, commitment and peace in a relationship.

Russian tea cakes are quite common in the US. They are also called Mexican wedding cakes and are known by many other names of specific regions across the world. However, these cakes look almost like cookies and can be made for any celebration or festivals. These are not essentially made for weddings.

If you look at most of the pictures of Russian wedding cakes either in magazines or on websites, they are absolutely magnificent and help in setting up an ecstatic mood for the couple and the guests. Most of them involve truly romantic ideas and plenty of colors. If you are non traditional and want to do something different for your wedding, you can easily opt for Russian wedding cakes.

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