Chinese Wedding Cake

Chinese Wedding Cake

Chinese wedding cakes are very important aspects of in the Chinese wedding tradition. According to the Chinese traditions, the cake is presented to the bride as the proposal for the marriage. This cake is then distributed along with the wedding invitation to the guests. Therefore wedding cakes play a very significant role.

These cakes are popularly known as 'Happiness cakes'. The designs of Chinese cakes comprises of the phoenix and dragons on the cake. You can opt for any of these wedding cakes as per your preferences and budget.

However, some couples select the wedding cake on the basis of the theme, their wedding dress, or the budget. Some couples have also begun to adopt the western style to cut the wedding cake on their reception. They opt for the modern varieties of wedding cakes with a unique combination of western and Chinese styles.

In the reception party, the cake is cut by the bride and the groom. They feed the cake to each other. This feeding of the cake signifies the commitment and love for each other. There are different varieties of wedding cakes which can be purchased for the ceremony.

Some of the popular varieties include dragon and phoenix cake, double happiness cake or cakes with designs of dragon over it. While selecting the cake for the wedding, you have to consider some important points. These include color combination for the cake and the cultural tradition. Besides these, there are some other factors also such as the cake flavors, icings, cake frostings, and designs.

In case of Chinese wedding cake, you can opt for pictures of Calligraphy in Chinese language. Majority of the couples opt for a multi-layered Chinese cake for their reception party. The Chinese wedding cakes are usually multi-layered cakes which are decorated with toppers and accessories that compliment well with the cake.

The cake flavors, fillings, icings and frosting should be checked out while selecting the cake. The flavors which are in great demand in the recent past include fresh fruit, cheesecake, or vanilla.

For the decoration purposes, the most useful option includes the chocolates, candies, cake toppers specially designed for Chinese cake, flowers and mine cakes. The fillings of the cakes could be done with lotus seeds or red/ green bean paste. You can select any of these based on your individual preferences. You can also decorate it with small accessories made of bamboo and use it for decoration.

You can get ideas and tips to select the wedding cake by collecting information from various sources. You can easily get these details from various websites and magazines. These would offer you pictures of various cakes and some unique designs. The pictures of the wedding cake would make the task of selection simpler. They will provide you some simple tips that would help you in the task to select the cake or even bake them.

Some of the popular colors of Chinese wedding cakes include black, red, and white. You could opt for the best one that would suit your pockets and fulfill all your expectations regarding the wedding cake.

Another excellent option is to consult a baker or wedding planner. They would provide you the right advice for the selection of the best cake or cake design. You can take ideas from the various wedding cakes available in the market and develop a unique cake design.

The details provided here will surely assist you to get some unique ideas for Chinese Wedding cakes. It will help you to bring out the desired looks for your wedding cake.

You can see here some new traditional chinese wedding cake pictures:

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