Black Wedding Cakes

Black Wedding Cakes

Black wedding cakes are a trend more than a tradition. Black looks trendy yet elegant and sophisticated. However, culturally this color has a darker side to it and hence it wasn't well accepted in weddings till a few years ago. However, there are couples who implement the color nowadays in their weddings.

Combination of black, white and red looks stunning. A white three tier cake with black design and a red ribbon looks stunning. You could use curvy henna designs in black or the polka dots also look good. An ivory colored wedding cake with a black design also looks equally good.

You can infuse other lighter shades instead of a white wedding cake and then draw exquisite black designs. Depending on the season you are getting married, you can choose the cake. For instance; if you are getting married in spring or summers you can choose a light green or lemon yellow three tier cake with black design on it. One more idea is to have a white three tier wedding cake with black design and decorate the cake with light green or yellow sugar flowers.

An ivory cake with black design, decorated with red or bright pink sugar flowers also looks elegant. Only black and white wedding cakes look absolutely modern and elegant. Most grooms also tend to like the black and white combination and if the bride has very modern ideas about her wedding, then the black and white wedding cake is a perfect fit.

If you do not want an absolute black cake, you can opt for a dark chocolate cake. Dark brown and somewhat bitter taste sets it apart from the rest of the wedding cakes. You can decorate this cake with white or silver floral designs made of sugar or gum. Using light colored fresh flowers to decorate this dark brown cake is also a good idea. Make sure the fresh flowers are clean and free of pesticides before you use them on the cake.

You can also opt for white three tier cake with brown and black sugar flowers arranged in a random manner especially on the bottommost tier. If you are opting for cupcakes for your guests, you can arrange them on a 4 tier cake stand in combinations of black and brown. The uppermost tier could contain a small wedding cake meant only for the cake cutting ceremony.

You could decorate your black and white cake with red roses either fresh or the ones made of sugar. Roses especially complement well with black. You could also use a combination of shocking pink and black- shocking base color of the cake with black polka dots. This looks bold and beautiful. You can decorate it with the most innovative things like peacock feathers.

Black diamonds on a white cake also looks bold as well as beautiful. You can decorate this cake with green and red floral or linear designs. Black and orange combination on a white cake also looks interesting. In fact, black and orange in itself is a good combination even for your attire.

Black can also look cute! You can make an ivory and red base for your wedding cake. Draw black polka dots and make a black sugar ribbon or a bow on the cake. It looks like a kid's dress. The red and white or ivory combinations need to be arranged properly for the cake to look like a dress.

Black wedding cakes add to the elegance. However, these should be decorated with utmost care. It should not set an evil dark tone or a funeral tone for your wedding. You can use black with white or with some other color combinations like red. Do not use it entirely all over the cake. Use it in the form of a modern design on a white base to make it look elegant.

See here stunning pictures of black wedding cake:

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