Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

A Wedding cake is a marvelous pageantry of class, grace and extravaganza. It is definitely the eye-catcher of the wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding cakes conquered the heart of the masses and thus became an undeniably significant custom. The cutting of the cake by the bride and the groom symbolizes their first act of sharing. The cake stands for happiness and good fortune for the married couple.


Experiencing the diversity in size, color and design of today's wedding cake, probably, no one could guess that the origin of traditional wedding cakes would date back to the days of the Great Roman Empire. In those times, people would have a simple wedding cake- a loaf of bread made of wheat or barley. The groom would eat a piece of the bread and break the remaining over the bride's head affirming the tradition of the parallel breaking of the bride's virginity. This tradition also offered an added advantage to the groom as he was supposed to exercise power over the bride.

The white color of wedding cake personifies purity. The tradition of cutting wedding cake (as both bride and groom cut the cake) symbolizes that they both must do all task together thereafter in their married life. Feeding cake to each other (the bride and groom) is also a tradition and it symbolizes that they are committed to each other.

In the middle ages, wedding cakes were some sweet buns stacked over each other to make a huge pile. And the just-married couple had to kiss over this pile. The more beautifully the kissing was done, it was believed, the more children the couple would have.

In the 17th century, wedding cakes were slightly reformed and came to be known as "bride's pie". A ring hidden within the cake makes the tradition all the more interesting. Someone among the guests, who would find that, was believed to get married the next year.

Style, Design and Flavor:

Traditional wedding cakes are typically white butter cream cakes decorated with pastel iced flowers or natural flowers. The size is generally rounded or square, although recent innovations have yielded brilliant results as regards the heart shape, star shape, castle shapes. The cakes can be single-tiered or multi-tiered topped with beautiful, even funny figurines of the bride and the groom. Generally each tier of the traditional cakes are covered with layers of cake although there may be mousse fillings made up of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon etc. But the popular flavors are cheesecake, orange mud and fruitcake. White, soft or pale pink and royal ivory is the commonly used colors for the wedding cakes. For some people, wedding cake stands are a must for such wedding cakes.

Traditionally, Victorian Garden Wedding Cake Stands and Acrylic Wedding Cake Stands are used to beautify the grandeur of the wedding cakes. Clear, white or crystal look pillars often separate the multiple tiers. To add to the beauty of the surroundings, the cake is placed on a beautifully decorated table covered with flowers, fairy lights, and balloons.

The Regal Beginning:

Queen Victoria can be realized as a trend-setter in establishing the fashion and tradition of matching the wedding cake with the bridal gown. When Queen Victoria married the Prince Albert of a Saxe Co burg in 1840, she was dressed in white gown. So, this was the real start of new white wedding. And for sure, it was accepted that the wedding cake would be a reflection of the bride's apparel and apparently, the wedding theme. With the passing of time, many styles and customs have been popularized and faded away; yet the traditional wedding cakes seem to remain the favorite of the masses.

Here are some beautiful traditional wedding cake pictures.

White Traditional Wedding Cakes Toppers Traditional Wedding Cakes with Yellow Flowers Square Traditional Wedding Cakes Traditional Wedding Cakes with Brown Ribbons Traditional White Wedding Cake with Sugar Roses
White Traditional Wedding Cakes White Traditional Wedding Cakes with Yellow Flowers Square Traditional Wedding Cakes with Yellow Flowers Traditional Wedding Cakes with Brown & Pink Ribbons Traditional Wedding Cakes with Green Flowers
Traditional Wedding Cakes with White Roses Traditional Wedding Cakes with Yellow & Green Glowers Square Traditional Wedding Cakes With White Roses Traceys Cakes Traditional and Chocolate Wedding Cakes Pink Traditional Wedding Cakes with White Royal Icing