Tiered Wedding Cakes

White Five Tiered Wedding Cake with Purple Sugar Roses

A wedding cake magnifies the beauty of the wedding ceremony. Right from the days of the Great Roman Empire to the modern era, the wedding cake has evolved as a significant tradition. The importance of wedding cakes is revealed from the constant experimentation did in the field of baking and decorating the cake. No doubt, the results are phenomenal as are displaced by today's tiered wedding cakes.

In the late 19th century, novelty did with the flat rounded white cakes, paved the way for today's single or multi-tiered cakes. In the earlier times, three-tiered cakes were highly popular because couples would rationally feel the need of using such cakes. The bottom tier was meant for the wedding or the reception party, the middle tier for distributing to the guests and the top one for christening. The particular notion accompanying such cakes was to freeze the first tier of the cake for the first wedding anniversary of the couple or for the christening of their child.

Tiered wedding cakes are no more, meant for English royalty. Now-a-days every couple opts for such cakes and hence the varieties in exotic flavors, varied colors and stylish designs. Iced with marzipan, fondant, or fresh flowers, these are embellished with beautiful accessories like toppers, stars, butterflies, stencils, scrollwork and other marvelous articles. Such cakes can feature hand-painted flowers or other designs.

The top tier is often crowned with crystal or vintage toppers, representing the bride and the groom. The whole cake can be of one or many colors. Colored sugar flowers, foliage and fruits, parrot tulips, calla lilies, peaches, tiny pears, apple blossoms, leaves and berries hand made out of sugar just create an artistic canvas out of that simple wedding cake.

Traditionally the tiered cakes were fruit flavored. But now there are great transformation .The popular ones are the mousse fillings made up of chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut etc. Icing can be done with yummy butter cream, cheese etc. Addition of nuts, caramel, and spices just makes the cake more delicious to satisfy the taste buds completely. Many a people often go for flavors of sour cream almond pound cake, colored mud-cakes, sponge cakes, cup cakes, or even horizontal tiers.

The size and shape of tiered wedding cakes depend on the number of guests. The cakes can be baked and molded into various shapes--flat-rounded, square, heart, star or hex-shapes. A gorgeous cake stand lends an additional look of beauty and romance to the tiered cake. Different types of stands for wedding cakes are available in the market---stands available as single base, stands which come in gold or silver, square or round. Cascaded stands also give good look to the multi-tiered wedding cake. Ribbons and other shining materials are used to beautify columns which are in between tiers.

Tiered wedding cakes are wedding couple's desire and viewer's delight. Traditional or modern- such cakes do always reflect grace, elegance, and classic beauty.

Tips to decorate the tiered wedding cakes:

  • You can use various accessories such as sugared flowers, butter cream icings, fondants, icing flowers, and some unique cake toppers to decorate the cake. You should decorate the cake with icing or fondant before you begin to decorate the cake.
  • There are some cake designs or even pictures which would give you some interesting ideas for the wedding cake. You use these ideas or even develop your own idea for decorating the cake.
  • You can also use flowers, fruits and many other items for decorating the cake.
  • There are some specialized small figures or toppers prepared from edible material which can be used on the cake. You can go through the pictures and select the best one among them.
Look at these some attractive and delicious tiered wedding cakes as below

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