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Seashell Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Wedding is the most important and auspicious occasion in a couple's life. It offers a number of innovative ideas and creative thinking on the part of the wedding couple. Every couple wants their wedding to be a unique one. One of the brilliant ways to do so is to opt for Seashell wedding cakes. Every human being does have a great attraction for Sea, one of Nature's most beautiful creations. And as such many of us love seashells. Thus seashell cakes are very significant for nature lovers.

Wedding cakes have been a tradition since the days of the Great Roman Empire. The cutting of the cake, the decoration, the size, shape and design of the cake- all these are very important. Today the wedding couples have a lot of options regarding the wedding cake. The traditional styles of the cakes are still there but there have been a lot of innovations. There are square cakes, heart cakes, castle cakes, beach-wedding cakes, seashell wedding cakes and cakes matching every theme of the weddings. Seashell wedding cake is one of the unique wedding cakes.

Seashell wedding cakes just glorify the wedding event because of their beauty and simplicity. These cakes, single tiered or multi-tiered are available in, different colors and need not to be necessarily white. The usual colors are - apricot, ivory, blue, beige and brown, etc. The whole cake or the sides of the cake can be decorated with purple, blue, green, white colored seashells. One can also have edible seashells of white chocolate, dark chocolate or a combination of both. It is also possible to bake chocolate seashell wedding cake. In this case the cake should be chocolate-flavored with seashells made up of chocolate. The flavors of seashell cakes can be like other cakes. Yet the popular flavors are-vanilla, chocolate, butter cream, lime, lemon curd, strawberry, raspberry, apricot etc. The filling can be done with fondant and mousse, nuts and spices. These cakes have beautiful looks and also taste scrumptious. The cake and even the cake-stand can be decked with edible pearls, seahorses, colored sea corals like pink or orange-colored, white laceworks, silver metallic shells, stars, crabs, ocean scrolls, etc. Not only the cake, but also the seashells can be embellished. The general trend is to use edible metallic dust and other marvelous articles to decorate seashell.

To attract the guests the seashell cakes are topped with wonderful cake toppers representing some specific figurines like Aqua kissing sea-horse, perfect pair starfish cake topper, shell cake topper, just married couple kissing figurine, seaside jewels, palm trees, beach acrylic celebration circle, dolphin hawaiian beach, beach romantic couple etc. Again if the wedding couple wants a simple cake topper there are monogram toppers, religious toppers, funny or humorous cake topper, beach-themed toppers, sports toppers, vintage toppers etc. To be more specific, the names of some popular cake toppers which look stunning on seashell cakes can be cited: Dragon Heart Pewter wedding topper, "Funny Sexy" African American wedding bride and groom figurine, acrylic Faithful union, Ceramic Cross, flat edge monograms, white letters, air force or navy wedding couple figurine, crystal figurines, cupid, twin swans, rose with swans, etc.

There are cake favors which adorn the seashell wedding cakes in nice ways. 'Seaside' Sand and Shell Place card Holder Favors, Choice Crystal Clamshell Favors, 'Sand and Shell Tea light' Holders, small candies wrapped in colored papers, heart-shaped wrapped cookies, sea-shell shaped candies, starfish-shaped key rings can be tied to the cake-boxes. The sea-shell wedding cake can be cut in small pieces and put in colored cake-boxes matching the theme of the wedding or wedding cake. If any couple wants to have cup cakes as the wedding cake, then they may go for a single-tiered white seashell cake surrounded by matching cupcakes ornamented with natural seashells, star fish or jelly fish. But the most elegant and unique way to beautify the wedding cake is to decorate it with gorgeous mermaid figurine, a light house, sea plants and a blue ocean that surrounds the cake.

Seashell cakes are perfectly suited for beach theme, tropical theme or a Hawaiian themed wedding. These cakes portray Nature in beautiful ways and as such make these, one of the most sought after wedding cakes. Some ideas of beautiful seashell cakes for wedding can be mentioned here: you can have a multi-tiered wedding cake with an edited light-house on the top of the cake. You can ornament the cake with pearls, ribbons, corals, ropes, edible sea plants etc. The colors can be ivory, white and brown etc. You can also have a single-tiered starfish wedding cake iced with butter cream. The starfish can be made by piping using royal icing.

A wedding cake is always the product of a talented cake designer and the choice of the wedding couple, regarding the color and the taste of the cake. Look at this seashell wedding cake which is specially designed for summer wedding ceremony. This cake is iced with fondant and piping and is decorated with candy seashells. Here are some other pictures of seashell cakes in combination of iced with fondant cakes and chocolate seashells cakes. Pictures are given below:

Chocolate Seashell Wedding Cakes Handmade Seashell Wedding Cakes Edible Seashells for Cakes White Seashell Wedding Cakes
Blue Seashell Wedding Cakes Two Tier Seashell Wedding Cakes Cupcake Seashell Wedding Cakes Four Tier Seashell Wedding Cakes
Light Blue Seashell Wedding Cakes Simple Seashell Wedding Cakes Seashell Wedding Cakes with Blue Ribbons Seashell Beach Wedding Cake