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Pink Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Pink is the color of love, happiness and softness. A combination of red and white colors results in pink. While red suggests passion, white softens that passion and their combination is brilliant. Pink is soft, pleasing and charming. For the baby pink is sweet, for a young couple pink is romantic, for the old it is the color of contentment. So this popular color is used in weddings. Wedding is the bond of love, care and acceptance. Pink cakes bring the feelings of tenderness, love and acceptance in the couples. A wedding with a pink wedding theme and a pink wedding cake as the centerpiece is spectacularly simple as well as elegant.

Pink wedding cakes can be single or multi-tiered. These are also available in various shapes-round, square, oval, hexagonal, heart shape, flower-petal shapes etc. The size and shape of the wedding cakes depend on the number of guests and the personal likes and choices of the couple. A pink-wedding cake is equally beautiful in all sizes and shapes. Because the color is so cool and relaxing. Having discussed about the size and shape of the pink wedding cakes, we move on to the next segment. It is about colors and decorations. A pink cake can be baked and decorated in many colors.

A combination of white and pink is the best. Other combinations may be pink and black, pink and mauve, ivory and pink, light pink and orange, silver and pink, chocolate brown and pink etc. If the theme of your wedding is pink, you can have a lot of options to decorate everything that goes well with the theme. For example, you can decorate the wedding cake table with small pink candies and bubble gums, pink vases, salt and pepper shakers etc. The table can be draped with a pink and white designed table-cloth. Pink roses, lilies, pink hibiscus, white hibiscus, white roses and orchids submerged in water in crystal flower vases can leave your guests spell-bound. The cake table having decorated, you can focus your attention on the pink-wedding cake. Matching with the table-decorations, one can have a pink and white wedding cake. If it is a two-tiered cake, you can choose any secondary color with your primary color, pink. But if it is a three or four-tiered extravaganza, one tier can be white and the other pink and consecutively following the same pattern for the remaining tiers.

Pink cakes are baked in different flavors like vanilla, buttercream, strawberry, raspberry, orange cream, apple cinnamon, mud cakes, and sponge cakes. But the popular flavor which goes well in taste and looks of a pink wedding cake is the strawberry flavor. Strawberries can also be used for cake decorations. Icing can be done with white or chocolate brown and filling with lemon, chocolate mousse, coconut, apricot, lime-curd, cheese etc. All these will really embellish the cake in a beautiful way. Fruits, nuts, spices and caramels accompany the decoration and also the taste of the cakes.

Pink cakes can be decorated with cake toppers and cake flavors. Now-a-days, there are many wedding cake toppers available in the market. One can choose the cake toppers matching with the themes. There are crystal cake toppers, vintage toppers, religious toppers, military toppers, humorous toppers, beach-themed toppers etc. Toppers like bride and couple figurine, entangled hearts, crystal figurines, cupid, twin swans, rose with swans, Engravable Stephanotis Bouquet, acrylic celebration circle, acrylic celebration hearts, flat edge monograms, white letters, military sexy ethnic, military couple over the threshold, air force or navy wedding couple figurine, Dragon Heart Pewter wedding topper, 'Funny Sexy' African American wedding bride and groom figurine, dolphin Hawaiian beach, seaside jewels, palm trees, crystal beach starfish, crystal Hummingbirds on Cross, Love Verse on Bible, acrylic Faithful union etc. look wonderful on pink cakes. Not only cake toppers but also cake favors can be matched with the pink cakes. Favors like heart-shaped pink chocolates or candies, key rings, pens wrapped in pink wrappers also accompany the pink themes.

The big pink cake can be cut into pieces and wrapped in gift-boxes. Those gift-boxes can be wrapped in pink-colored paper with a 'thank-you' or 'good wishes' message tied to it and served to the guests. This way the guests will also be happy with their individual cake pieces and cake favors. Thus with a pink wedding cake one can do a lot of innovations. In some cultures pink is the symbol of femininity and delicacy. So the color pink suits most wedding cakes in those cultures. Pink cakes look gorgeous, royal and elegant. So the wedding couple with a lot of love and romance in their hearts can always opt for a pink wedding cake.

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