Pictures of Wedding Cake Toppers

There are ample wedding cake topper pictures available on the internet. You can buy cake toppers online. If not, you can get plenty of ideas regarding the best suitable cake topper for you.

Most cake toppers are normally made of porcelain, glass, acrylic or metal. The traditional cake toppers mostly consist of couple figurines. However, nowadays there is a variety of cake toppers you can choose from.

Wedding Cake Toppers with Duck Single Wedding Cake Toppers Like Real Couple Wedding Cake Toppers Gentlemen Wedding Cake Toppers Wedding Cake Toppers with Traveling Bag
Wedding Cake Toppers In Kids Shapes Wedding Cake Toppers Sitting In The Car Standing Couple Wedding Cake Toppers Dancing Couple Wedding Cake Toppers Wedding Wedding Cake Toppers

You can opt for your initials, monogram, two hearts, picture frames, etc as a cake topper. Selecting a cake topper also depends on your wedding theme or venue. For instance, if you have a beach wedding, then cake toppers that depict the marine life or a coastal environment like sea shells, oysters, starfish, dolphins, etc.

Your cake toppers at times could be utility items such as bottle openers or you could have them as a keepsake for many years to come. You could opt for funny cake toppers. There are many funny wedding cake topper pictures available on the internet. They are hilarious and add humor to your wedding.

Wedding cake toppers are an important part of the cake decoration. It is important that you select a cake topper that suits you as a couple or your style in general.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers

There are plenty of western wedding cake toppers available online as well as in the market. Wedding topper is basically a western concept. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is so much variety and a bountiful of creative and innovative designs for western wedding cake toppers.

Although, the traditional wedding cake toppers are couple figurines; there are many modifications you can make to these figurines. You can have the couple dresses in particular attire and not necessarily the wedding attire. You could have the groom dressed as cowboy, James Bond, Superman, Mickey Mouse or any other super hero or cartoon character of your choice. The bride could be dressed as a bride and holding a gun in her hand or could be fishing on the seashore. The couple could be dressed as some character from pirates of Caribbean or any other obscure character.

Child Couple Wedding Cake Toppers Cute Wedding Cake Toppers Teddy Bear Wedding Cake Toppers Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake Toppers Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers

Nests with love birds also look great. Swarovski floral designs like daisy flowers on a frame or a heart shape look pretty. Typical American attire like denims and tees would also look good on a couple figuring. You could have certain animals and bird couples as a wedding cake topper. They look colorful and cute. For instance, hen and cock, dog couple, cat couple, teddy bears, pigs, bluebirds, etc look very pretty.

Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are very significant to decorate the cakes. It provides your cake the desired classy look. It also clearly expresses the special day in your life and grabs the attention of the friends and relatives present for the ceremony.

The cake is usually decorated with cake toppers. There are a large variety of cake toppers which are available in the market. You can either shop for them in the market or order it online.

The different varieties of cake toppers include unique cake toppers, crystal wedding cake toppers and many more. You can select the best one among them that suits your preferences and the cake that you have selected for the wedding ceremony.

Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers in Dancing Shape Bride & Groom Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers Crystal Wedding Coach with Horses Crystal Dolphin Kissers Cake Topper Crystal Duck Kissers Cake Topper with Leaves
Glass Romeo And Juliet Wedding Cake Toppers Crystal Tree Cake Toppers with Love Birds Simple Dolphin Crystal Cake Topper Dolphin Cake Topper with Heart Shape Glass Cake Toppers with Lamp

There are some beautiful collection of wedding cakes ranging from heart shaped ones to some beautiful miniatures. These miniatures are specially designed to signify the beautiful relationship that the couples share with each other.

You can select the best one that would help you to reflect your emotions properly with each other. You can get information about these cake toppers from various bridal magazines or online websites.

They would provide you the pictures of the toppers along with their prices. This would make the task of selection easier. There are fabulous collections of the wedding cake toppers that are available. You can select the best one among them that suits your interest. You could also try out cake toppers that would signify the persona or common interest of the couple.

The information mentioned above will surely help you to bring to use some unique wedding cake toppers.