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Norwegian Wedding Cake: Wedding Cakes

A wedding is an integral part of any culture. People throughout the globe follow many customs, traditions, and rituals to celebrate this special and auspicious day. It is considered lucky for the couple to cut the cake to begin their prosperous married life. This custom signifies their love for each other. A wedding cake forms an important part of many wedding ceremonies. Like many other countries, in Norway also the wedding cake completes the wedding ceremony.

The Norwegian wedding cakes are somewhat unusual in look and design. Brudlaupskling or Kransekake are the common names for the Norwegian wedding cakes. History says that these cakes originated at a time when it was very rare to find white flour in the Norwegian farms. Afterwards these cakes gained immense popularity as gorgeous centerpieces on wedding, birthday parties, holiday banquet tables and other occasions.

Kransekake is also known as a ring-cake which assumes the shape of a tall cone of rings. These rings are actually small rounded cakes stacked atop one another to form a gradual progression of a cone or triangle. All the rings are pasted together in the form of frosting. The dough mainly consists of almonds and sugar.

A typical Norwegian cake is formed of rings which are hard on the outer sides, but soft on the inner sides. That is the magic of such cakes, which are sweet, soft and crispy at the same time. The dough used in the baking of the cakes consists of almond, cream, cheese and sugar much in the manner of a marzipan.

The only difference between marzipan and these cakes is that marzipan is slightly coarse and the Norwegian cakes are more refined and delicate. These cakes provide a lot of variety as regards flavor such as- Butter Pound, Lemon Pound, Chocolate Pound, Chocolate, Strawberry, Carrot, and peanut butter chocolate etc.

Some popular Norwegian wedding cakes are amaretto pound cake with chocolate mousse filling, lemon pound with raspberry puree, and cream cheese pound with raspberry cream. Filling plays a vital role in the preparation of these cakes. There can be fruit-based filling done with strawberry, raspberry, lemon or chocolate-mousse fillings, or some other done with amaretto and champagne. To lend a colorful look to the cakes colors like white, yellow, marble and dark chocolate, etc. are used.

Not only the use of colors but also the embellishment of the cake and the table with decors and accessories play a pivotal role in the wedding decorations. The Norwegian flag is used as a typical cake topper for a Norwegian wedding cake. You can also decorate it with candy and bonbons, and cake toppers which could be used for the purpose of decoration. You can get recipes and some ideas to bake the cake from various online sites. You can also get recipes from the cookbooks and use it to bake you own cake.

You can begin practicing to make the cake on a small scale and then prepare the cake for the ceremony. You can take the help of your friends and relatives to bake the Norwegian wedding cake. You can use your ideas and design the cake to provide it a distinct and yummy appearance.

Marzipan fruits, small wrapped cookies or candies, wedding cake candles, cake placed card holders, monograms, butterflies, edible roses or lilies are endless options for the wedding cakes. However, these cakes are baked in specific designs only. They are served as desserts with ice-cream or even with coffee.

Norwegian wedding cakes are as colorful as the Norwegian wedding ceremony. Some customs are planting two small pine trees on either side of the couple's front door as a symbol of fertility and brides wearing a silver crown with silver charms to ward off evil spirits. The tradition of cutting cakes is also followed reviving the spirit of a true marriage.

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Decorated Norwegian Wedding Cake Norwegian Wedding Cake Decorated with Butterflies Norwegian Stylish Wedding Cake Norway's Wedding Cakes Decorated with Flowers Petals