Monogram Wedding Cakes

Monogram Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is an inseparable part of a wedding. The wedding cake has to be personalized in such a way that it makes your wedding a special and memorable affair. You have to leave a lasting impression on the guest through specially designed wedding cake which is the center of attraction. A wedding cake is the center piece which reflects the union of two persons who love and care for each other. A wedding cake is a symbolic. Try your best to showcase your aesthetic sense by choosing the right wedding cake and decorating it with unique and eloquent cake toppers.

Monogram wedding cakes use monogram cake toppers for decoration. The couple chooses a cake according their choice and like. Once the cake of the favorite flavor, shape and size is ready then one starts searching for the cake toppers. A multi-tier wedding cake should essentially have cake toppers. Cake toppers come in various types, different materials, shapes and sizes. There are traditional toppers in form of couple figurines, flowers, military toppers, monogram toppers, etc

Monogram wedding cake toppers are specially designed toppers to personalize the wedding cake. These come in various designs, shapes, sizes and various materials. They look elegant in silver or gold plated, crystal finish, cut glass etc. Many couples choose a wedding cake topper that has brides and groom's initials. There are various methods in which the monograms can be arranged on the cake. In one method, the brides and groom's initial of first name are intertwined together with a small or big heart. In other method, the bride's first name initials are followed with groom's initial first and last name. This symbolizes that the bride is taking up the groom's last name. There is another popular method which is to have a single initial of the last name that the couple shares.

Toppers for monogram wedding cakes can be simple, partially or fully decorated. They can also be a part of the cake jewelry which has become a sought after trend nowadays. Partially and fully decorated wedding cake toppers are designed with precious stones and crystals embedded in beautiful clusters and designs. The toppers can also be made in a specific color and design that goes well with the theme of the wedding.

Apart from these designer options, there are also less decorative yet beautiful and innovative options for monogram wedding cake toppers. Toppers which are initials of the bride and groom can be just dipped in chocolate or any flavor that matches the color and look of the wedding cake. This is simple but looks a part of the cake itself. Figurines that are funny or romantic or that suit the theme of the wedding also make for creative toppers for such cakes along with the initials.

Acrylic, floral and ribbon toppers are also the hot trends of the season for monogram wedding cakes. Ribbon toppers also come in different types. The most famous are the crystal ribbons that make the wedding cake all the more spectacular. Another trend which is catching up is the crystal cake drops that look marvelous on a wedding cake.

All these monograms are used as a cake topper to decorate the beautifully designed wedding cake of your favorite flavor. These toppers are simple but they look beautiful on the wedding cake as they have a personal touch. These wedding cakes with monogram toppers are perfect for the couples who want to make their wedding remarkable for themselves as well as for guests. They can use this topper for future happy occasions in their lives. This topper is a good symbol for the newly wed who have accepted each other.

Here are some beautiful monogram wedding cake pictures.

Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Simple Monogram Wedding Cake Monogram Wedding Cake With Flowers Red Roses Monogram Wedding Cake Mini Monogram Wedding Cake
Four Tired Monogram Wedding Cake Light Yellow Monogram Wedding Cake Cupcake Monogram Wedding Cake Green Monogram Wedding Cake White Monogram Wedding Cake
Black & White Monogram Wedding Cake Brown Monogram Wedding Cake Yellow Monogram Wedding Cake