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Modern Wedding Cake: Wedding Cakes

Are you bored with rounded and squared multi tiered traditional wedding cakes? then don't worry we are here for your help by providing information on some modern wedding cakes with pictures which definitely guides you while you choose modern wedding cake for your wedding ceremony. Modern cakes are not only fantastic but also very good in taste.

Normally all ingredients of cakes are same such as real butter, free range eggs and natural flavorings and other. The first step for selecting modern wedding cake is to consider the shape and size of the cake. As unique wedding cakes are available in many shapes and sizes but your cake should be unique and attractive. There is no completion on you to choose wedding cake, but it is necessary that it should be designed with modern things that are accessories and ribbons and other.

If you have any idea of modern cake then tells this idea to baker. You are able to create your wedding cake in any mixture of shapes, flavor and decoration as you wish. Make the use of different color to decorate your wedding cake. This design of thus wedding cake should be unique and attractive and completely match your own personal style and taste.

A modern wedding cake is different from traditional wedding cake due to its shape, size and flavor. In olden days, wedding cakes were round white cakes with simple decoration. The couple did not experiment and was happy with the typical wedding cake. But today as things are changing, modern cakes is the latest trend seen in wedding cake market.

These days, couple love to be innovative with wedding cakes. The abstract idea of the cakes is given to the baker, who presents the concrete cake in front of the couple. The flavors like carrot coconut, blueberry, mango-orange, spices, etc. are used rather than the traditional flavors.

The couple can go for different shapes of wedding cake with help of fondant icing. A sand castle, light house, a soccer field, a guitar are some of the shapes that couple can choose from. There is a wide variety available; the couple has to choose the modern wedding cakes as per their personal choice and passion.

This is possible due to new techniques, technology in the field of bakery. The decoration and topper can be modern if you want to have a simple cake. A white fondant cake can be decorated with hearts and bows made out of icing in pink or red color. This will give a modern look and delicious taste to the cake.

Today, some couples even go for a multi-tier cake that has bottom layer made out of sponge, the middle layer made out of chocolate and top layer made out of fruits. The taste has variety and the color of the cake looks quite attractive. It just depends on the couple's creativity and baker's execution.

Besides these, you have to consider decorating the cake and some important aspects required for its decoration. You have to firstly select a design and recipe to bake the cake.

The next step is to practice baking the cake. Once you have practiced the cake, you can bake it for the ceremony. You can check out the picture of the design that you have selected and decorate the cake accordingly.

You also have to make proper arrangement to place the cake on the stand. The cake could be decorated with cake toppers, fresh flowers, and fruits. You could also refer to various recipe books to bake, decorate, and properly place the cake on the location. You can also hire a professional such as a cake designer to design the cake exclusively for your ceremony.

Look at these modern wedding cakes to improve your imagination or choose one from it.

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