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Mini Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake is synonymous to wedding. Today, we get wedding cakes of various types. The unique wedding cakes are available in various sizes, shapes and flavors. A wedding cake is chosen by the couple as per their requirements, likes and taste. There are plenty of options to choose from. There is variety of mini wedding cakes. You could go for miniature of multi tier traditional wedding cake or mini cakes with various shapes, designs and colors and cup cakes. Cup cakes are also included in mini cake and you will get many designs, flavors and colors of cup cakes that are made for weddings. The couple has to go for something that is best suitable for them. The couple must consider their wedding theme before selecting any type of mini wedding cake. If the couple have any color theme for wedding, then they must incorporate that color theme in their mini wedding cake. You can go for a traditional white wedding cake or cup cakes of various flavors. The wide range of mini wedding cake might confuse the couple. Despite of that we see that many couples of modern era goes for mini wedding cakes. It is a latest trend to hit the wedding cake market.

Looking for a mini wedding cake? Then don't worry this mini cake page definitely helps you to get mini cake by providing some delicious and attractive mini wedding cake pictures. If you have some idea that is your cake must like this then check out the pictures and take some idea from it. If you cannot find something you had in mind, you might something even better from these mini cakes pictures.

Mini wedding cake is the best option for the regular size cake as it is in our budget and as attractive as regular size cake. Even mini cake looks better than that of regular size cake. If you are master in table decorations then mini cake looks so impressive. In case of mini cake you individually able to pack in a clear boxed. You also able to give sweet treat for your wedding guests by making attractive boxes of mini cakes. Mini cakes can create a large task seem much more convenient and is a very good way to stretch your wedding budget. Mini cake samples are available in supermarket on wide variety. But choose best one and most attractive and tasty cake is your main duty.

There are different types of cake pans that will help you create your own mini cakes. Use a smaller round cake pan to generate a mini layer cake or choose different baking pans to produce mini cakes.

Mini cakes can be used as center piece on every table during the wedding. The guests will thoroughly enjoy a beautiful, elegant mini cake on the table. The mini cake can be the exact replica of the wedding cake that the couple has just cut. There are some couples who use the mini cake to serves as a desert after the wedding dinner. The mini cakes can be baked in various shapes like round, square, heart and so on. It is a great idea to have two to three flavors like chocolate, strawberry and lemon used in mini wedding cakes. The guest will be happy to choose a flavor of their choice.

Mini cakes are perfect choice as a return gift to all the guests who have given the bride and groom their blessings, wishes and gifts. The guest will really love the mini cakes specially packed in wedding cake box. It will be a moment that the guest as well as the newly wed both will remember for years to come. Te boxes can be personalized by adding the couple's name, date of marriage and so on. The boxes can be decorated with satin ribbon, bows, etc. the mini cakes of various flavors are great as center pieces on each table or as a return gift. They serve both the purposes well.

The most beneficial thing with mini cake is that they are easy to serve. So, you can avoid the mess of cutting the big and multi tier cake and serving it to your guests. This might be the underlying cause why mini cakes are becoming big hit of the wedding cake market in this decade.

See some wedding cake boxes for your cake.

Here are some pictures of mini cakes which definitely helps you to choose your mini cake for you wedding ceremony. Following are the pictures of mini cakes.

Blue Mini Wedding Cake Yellow Mini Wedding Cake with Flower Four Tier Mini Wedding Cake Light Yellow Mini Wedding Cake
Pink & Black Mini Wedding Cake Simple Mini Wedding Cake Single Mini Wedding Cake Cube Mini Wedding Cake
Strawberry Mini Wedding Cake Green Mini Wedding Cake Individual Mini Wedding Cake Orange Mini Wedding Cake