How to Make a Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is an inseparable part of the wedding ceremony. An elegant, beautifully decorated cake gives a great look to the entire occasion of wedding. This cake is a result of the couple's creative ideas and research for the right design and flavor. The cake stands for purity and fertility of the bride. The cake is a medium through which the couple share their joy and happiness with the all the invited guests. This cake can be ordered to the baker or can be baked at home. This handmade wedding cake is always special as it is made by the bride for the special moment in her life.

Keeping the wedding cake as simple as possible is a great trick to make the cake look special. The bride has to first decide the flavor, shape, size and decoration of the cake. Once, these things are finalized then one can actually start with the process of making the cake according to the requirements. The prepared cake has to be a visual treat and should taste good. The experience of this cake has to memorable for the couple as well as the guests.

Let's take a look at the following steps to make a wedding cake:

Demo of How to Make a Wedding Cake

  • Select the simple recipe of cake and decide how many tiers you have to make.
  • If you have decided to make a white fruit cake with three tiers, then prepare the batter.
  • Bake the tiers in various sizes one by one in the oven for 30 minutes. The bottom tier has to be the largest followed by medium and small tiers.
  • Let them cool evenly so that the each tier can be cut horizontally into three layers.
  • Once the layers are ready, spread strawberry sauce and fresh sliced strawberries on the bottom layer. Spread them evenly. Top it with the second layer and then spread the sauce and sliced strawberries and then top it with the third layer
  • Now evenly spread the white butter icing on the three layers prepared from the bottom tiers. The icing has to be on the top as well as the sides.
  • Repeat the procedure of filing sauce and sliced strawberries with the medium and small tiers. Cover them with white butter icing.
  • Keep all three tiers into the freezer for 30 minutes so that the icing is set and tiers are ready to be decorated.
  • Use three tier cake stand to place the wedding cake. These stands are available in the market.
  • Each of the white tiers should have a red satin ribbon at the bottom and fresh strawberries arranged in circle. This white and red combination will look good.
  • On the top layers arrange three red roses with your favorite cake topper.
  • The cake is ready to adore its place in ceremony.
Baking your own wedding cake can be little daunting. However, if you research and practice well in advance, baking your own cake should not be a problem. It is essential that the cake should be at least close to flawless because it is ideally the focal point of any wedding. Refer to at least 2-3 different bakers for a consultation and go through their booklets to draw some references. Baking your own cake can save you a lot of money. However, make sure your end product on your very special day is good so that you do not regret saving your money.

Tiered cake can be quite daunting, although it is not all that difficult if you apply the right skills and techniques. Good construction and a strong base is the foundation of any good house. Same applies to a tiered cake. To be able to assemble a tiered cake, the base of your cake should be strong along with a strong support system for the tiers. You can follow these steps to make a good tiered cake:

  • Your cake stand should be strong enough to hold a tiered cake

  • You can place straws or thin rods equidistantly on the bottom layer. This forms the base of the middle layer. You can place a base of the same size above the bottom layer on which you can place the middle tier of the cake.

  • You can use a cardboard covered with a foil as a base between layers. Place this cardboard on the bottom layer of the cake. The shape would be automatically marked

  • Remove the cardboard gently with a toothpick. Place the straws on the lines of the shape formed by the cardboard. These serve as the base for the middle layer.

  • These pillars and the shape formed by the cardboard, forms the base of the cake and help it remain firm and straight. If this foundation is not strong, the cake would fall apart or tilt.

Here are some more tips for guiding you to make you own wedding cakes described in following links.