Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake: Wedding Cakes

People now days try many new ideas for wedding cakes instead of using the plain cakes. They opt for cakes of different shapes, styles, and designs. The cake would be the center of attention of all the guests arrived for the reception party. Thus it needs some special preparation.

Couples try out various different designs and patterns to make their wedding cake look unique and relishing at its appearance. This tradition of cake cutting has a special significance in the life of the newly married couple. It symbolizes the love and beautiful relationship that the couple shares with each other.

The krispy kreme wedding cake is a very popular option among a large number of couples. There are basically two reasons for the increased popularity of this variety of cakes. First these cakes are less expensive in comparison to the other cakes and second it provides a distinct and stunning look.

These cakes are very easy to be prepare and inexpensive unlike many wedding cakes. These cakes are stacked with doughnuts which are assembled in a pyramid like shape. You can opt for different flavors in each stack that would bring out a unique blend all together.

The krispy kreme cake could even be made at home. But you need to learn the basics of cake making as it is often difficult to stack the doughnuts in the form of pyramid. A good cake preparation and piling ensures that the cake does not tumble down while cutting.

In order to avoid the stumble or collapse of the doughnuts, it is advisable to use cold doughnuts for such preparations. You can order for exact the number of the doughnuts which would be used to prepare the cake or keep some surplus. You have to consider following things while preparing the cake such as the two tier cake, three dozen of krispy kreme doughnuts, butter cream for the icing and some other accessories for decorating purposes.

There are many options available such as the toppers and various other miniatures that could be used for decoration. For icing of the cake, you could use other accessories such as the fruits, ribbons, flowers, and candies. You should also make sure that the accessories and the cake prepared compliments well with the decorations and theme of the wedding.

The list of accessories is limitless; you can opt for any of them based on your choice and preference. Instead of ordering a two or three tier cake which would be decorated with the doughnuts and stacks, you could opt for the traditional plain or the sponge cake.

This will help you to give a particular design which could not be formed when you pile up the doughnuts in pyramid. You might try out different styles and provide a unique look. You should book the doughnuts in advance and also ensure that it would be supplied on time.

You should be very careful while placing the doughnuts on the cake. The cake would otherwise collapse while decorating and all your efforts would go in vain. Hence, one should ensure that the weight of the doughnuts placed on the cake is not more than the weight of the cake.

The best method is to practice it many times before finally decorating the wedding cake for the reception. This will help you to complete the task and even place the doughnut in the top layer. Another option is to find out the different patterns and designs of the Krispy Kreme Wedding cakes online or in the local shops. Select the best one that suits your expectation and order it. The selection of the cake should be done by the couple based on their preferences and the budget. However, make sure to order it in advance to get the cake delivered at the correct time.

The details about the kripsy kreme wedding cakes will help you to bring out some interesting ideas that would help to prepare your own cake.

Here are some beautiful krispy kreme wedding cake pictures.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Topper Traditional Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Simple Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Funny Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Topper Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Decorated with Green Roses
Ultimate Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake Funny Groom & Bride Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake White Krispy Kreme Doughnut Wedding Cake Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake with Decorated with Big Pink Color Flowers Krispy Kreme Cake for Wedding