Individual Wedding Cakes

IPink Individual Wedding Cakes with Sugarcraft Bouquet

A Wedding cake is one of the most important ingredients of the wedding decoration. It should be beautiful and palatable so as to lend a touch of elegance to the wedding ceremony. Today's bakers provide us with a variety of wedding cakes as regards size, shape, flavor, decoration like- traditional or modern, single-layered or multi-layered, hand-decorated or artificially-decorated, rounded or square-shaped, designer wedding cakes or individual wedding cakes. Individual cakes are a current option for those who want to break the tradition of the wedding cakes.

Individual wedding cake, as the name suggests is single, small cup cake meant for individuals. The couple can use their imagination to decorate the cakes which will reflect their personal style or the wedding theme very well. These cakes are available in various size, shape, color and flavor. The cakes can be small or large depending on the demand of the couple. Generally topped off with a small, rounded cake for the cutting ceremony, the cakes are presented on a disposable display stand. Put together on an acrylic cake stand, the cakes incorporate a mixture of colors and hand.

Couples generally opt for individual wedding cakes as it would avoid wastage of the cake. You can order the specific number of muffins and pile it up in different design or patterns. The color and the flavor should be based on the couple's preference.

This would offer you dual benefits of an elaborative cake for the occasion and serve the purpose of giving muffins to the guests. You can use your own ideas or refer to the pictures of individual cakes that are available and use it to place your cake.

Decorations can be done with marvelous edible accessories like pastel sugar butterflies or roses, coffee pecan, lilies, berries, silk butterflies, flowers, organza ribbons and orchards. Use of classic color scheme like gold, ivory or silver with matching cupcake stands can be the best display. Creating a particular style statement or writing initials on the individual wedding cakes will definitely be the talking point for the guests. A lot of experimentation has been done with the flavor of cakes. Chocolate, vanilla or lemon sponges are the popular flavors. You can also use some unique cake toppers to decorate your cake and provide it a unique and yummy look. Another option is to discuss with the baker or cake designer and get some simple and innovative ideas to decorate your cake.

Following are some individual cakes with their fillings and other materials:

  • Chocolate Grand Marquis: It is made up of chocolate sponge that is dark in color and filled with bittersweet rich chocolate marquis. It is better to serve it at room temperature. It is decorated with ruffle on the top. Chocolate grand marquis is a famous individual wedding cake.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake: This scrumptious cake is so sweet and delicious that it melts in the mouth quickly. Topped with chocolate curls and dusted with premium cocoa powder, this is a bittersweet chocolate cake. For finishing purpose one can use silky ganache.
  • Strawberry Guava Brule Cheese Cake: As the name suggests, this particular cake contains creamy vanilla custard and cream mousse flavored with tropical guava and strawberry compote. This cake is famous in all seasons due to its variety and sweet taste.
Here follows respectively the pictures of the above-mentioned individual cakes.

Individual wedding cake can be served as desserts after the main course. Otherwise, these can be wrapped in personalized cake slice boxes for the guests who would like to take them home. The cake slice boxes can be decorated in correspondence with the cake color or specially printed with a "thank you" message from the wedding couple. These cakes are handy and also easy to serve. Guests can also serve themselves from the cake stand. The cakes made of seasonal fruits and fresh ingredients are really beautiful, tasty and full of nutritional value. With all these features in hand, one can surely go for individual cakes which will definitely make the wedding cake a special and the wedding a memorable one.

Chocolate Individual Wedding Cakes Mini Individual Wedding Cakes Orange Individual Wedding Cakes

Some other pictures of individual wedding cakes are as follows:

Individual Wedding Cakes in U Design Individual Wedding Cakes in Mini Square Shapes Individual Traditional Wedding Cakes Green Individual Wedding Cakes with Mix Sugar Flowers
White Individual Wedding Cake with Red Roses Individual Portion Wedding Cake Chocolate Individual Wedding Cakes Black & White Individual Wedding Cakes
Individual Wedding Cake with Funny Cake Toppers Individual Iced Wedding Cakes Individual Wedding Cakes with Frangipani Flowers Individual Wedding Cakes with a Top Tier