Heart Wedding Cakes

Heart Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Wedding is a union of two hearts and two souls forever. It is a bond based on love, trust and understanding. When the bride and the groom express their emotions and love for each other, the wedding ceremony really becomes special. Wedding decorations, wedding favors, the bridal dress, the feast and the wedding cake all these bring out this special feeling in the couple's mind and spread it to the wedding array. And a heart shape wedding cake does that in a beautiful way. A heart is the eternal symbol of love and romance. So heart wedding cakes symbolize the wedding in a better way than any other thing.

The wedding cake traditionally was prepared in round shape. But now, couples experiment with shapes. We can see oval, hexagonal, heart, square, rectangular shaped cakes. These are the simple cakes made in single layer or multi-tiers. There are cakes in the shape of cricket field, soccer ground, tree, football, airplane, chessboard, a sea-beach and so on. It depends on the likes, hobbies and passion of the couple. Heart wedding cakes in single as well as multiple tiers look elegant and symbolic. Heart shape is best to show the love between the couple. Today's wedding couples want to be unique in every possible way- be it the bridal wear or be it the wedding cake. So the capable bakers also satisfy their demands with unusual and elegant cakes that suit the personal taste and choice of the couples.

A couple has an abstract idea in their mind about the wedding cake. This idea they discuss with the baker and a beautiful and the tasty cake is baked. The wedding cake can be made in various shapes and sizes. The couple can go for flavors like butter, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, coconut, lemon and so on. Filling can be done with chocolate cream, hazelnut, Baileys, Raspberry, butter cream, or chocolate mousse. The wedding cake has to match with the theme, venue arrangement, flower decoration and color scheme. The cake should not only look attractive, but also taste great. All the guests should remember your wedding cake for years to come.

A lot of romantic couples opt for heart cakes. Heart shape wedding cakes can be prepared from various flavors and decorated with a cake topper, flowers and icing. The icing that one chooses has to go with the flavor of the cake. A dark chocolate cake with white fondant looks great and tastes delicious. Marzipan is very necessary for a wedding cake, which is used for covering and filling cakes. Marzipan adds a beauty to colorful heart cakes.

A heart shaped cake is really gorgeous and beautiful. Heart cakes are available in unusual colors. Red and white, pink and ivory, yellow and leafy green, tiffany blue and chocolate colored cakes look scrumptious and luscious. The size of the cake should be decided after considering the number of guests invited. If the number is large enough, then the couple can order a multi-tiered heart shaped wedding cake. If the gathering is small and informal, then a single layer heart- shaped cake can be chosen. The heart shaped wedding cakes can have wedding toppers in form of crystal cake toppers, vintage cake toppers, religious cake toppers, beach-themed toppers, etc. Toppers like a crystal heart, two entangled hearts, acrylic celebration heart, two doves, just married couple kissing, seaside jewels, beach wedding couple, Love verse on bibles, crystal Hummingbirds on Cross, etc. look wonderful on the cake.

A heart cake can be decorated in many ways and with marvelous accessories. Flowers like daisies, hibiscus, calla lilies and fruits like strawberry, grapes, and berries are also used as decor items. Colored ribbons, stars, seashells, crystal balls, gold and silver monograms, butterflies adorn the cake. A white heart shaped wedding cake can be decorated with red roses and orchids. The color combination of white and red looks great. Heart shape wedding favors which accompany the heart-shaped wedding cakes. Heart-shape key rings, candies, sweets, small love-birds kissing, etc. can be tied to the cake boxes and served to the guests. This will be a sort of sweet symbol of the wedding ceremony. If the heart cake is designed in small cupcakes, then the individual pieces can be wrapped in heart-shape colored wrappers. Cake stands of various designs- round, square or heart-shape are also used for multi-tiered heart wedding cake.

The various layers of the multi-tiered wedding cake can be arranged on separate wedding stands or on a single wedding stand with the help of pillars. The arrangement can be of any type, the heart-shaped wedding cake is always an epitome of couple's love and trust that they want to share with the guests.

Love is the most important element of wedding. A wedding couple promise to pour down their hearts to each other. To share their love and sense of belongingness with the family, friends and guests heart wedding cakes are the best.

Here are pictures of heart-shaped wedding cakes:

White Heart Wedding Cakes with Lavender Color Yellow Heart Wedding Cakes Heart Wedding Cakes with Purple Flowers Heart Wedding Cakes with Red Ribbons
Pink Heart Wedding Cakes White Heart Wedding Cakes with Red Roses Three Tiered Heart Wedding Cakes Heart Wedding Cakes Toppers
Single Heart Wedding Cakes Light Blue Heart Wedding Cakes Single Heart Wedding Cakes with Couple Topper Love Heart Wedding Cakes