Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers Groom Playing with Football

Wedding is an event to be memorized for your lifetime. It is an event, where recently weds promise to be together, facing the tough and rough times as well as good moments of life. These are the expected moments in each person's life.

Wedding ceremony is generally a family affair, with lots of relatives, friends, business associates, colleagues etc attending the function. So, wedding is the most important occasion, both for man and woman. The wedding ceremony should be lively, amusing and rejoicing .There a number of ways to make the wedding beautiful, special yet funny. One can play funny songs or videos, deliver funny speeches or crack jokes, or even opt for a cake with a funny wedding cake topper. By tradition, all wedding cakes were round, created in 3- layers and typically white in color. Wedding cake was decorated with light or white colored flowers and would always be topped with the model symbolizing a bride and groom. Distinctions of wedding cake topper were also utilized, similar to a dove pair that shows love and peace, horseshoe that shows good luck. But, those days are gone now!

In the modern era, couples do not want to follow the beaten track. In order to give a unique, elegant and personalized feel to the ceremony, they switch to funny wedding cake toppers. A lot of bakers do experimentation with cake toppers keeping in mind the choice and taste of the customers. And the results are phenomenal. A quick glance at the following list will give an idea of the novelty done in the field of cake toppers:
  • Bride in charge wearing pants and groom without one: A cake topper like this can be the funniest symbolizing the change in the pair's life.
  • Bride fishing for the groom, chasing or pulling him: This corresponds to the most common funny idea of the pitiable condition of the husband post-marriage.
  • There can also be cake-toppers aimed at comical figurine of the couple.
  • A love-match Rugby couple figurine: This particular cake topper is for the sports-lovers. This represents the couple trying to win the race of love.
  • Other popular funny wedding cake toppers are- "Super Sexy Spy" Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine, Dragon Heart Pewter wedding topper, "Funny Sexy" African American wedding bride and groom figurine etc.
While choosing a wedding cake topper the couple should take care of certain things:
  • The baker should be very efficient in his job.
  • The packing should be done very carefully so that the beautiful topper does not break while shipping.
Fun, humor and merry-making are important ingredients of life. A wedding, being the most memorable celebration of life should portray sweet and funny moments. And a funny wedding cake topper just does that by shredding away the seriousness and stiffness of the marriage. Funny suggestions and humorous statements can carry on guests laughing. Music, dance, feasts, fun and amusement- what else for a wedding?

Adding humor to your cake topper is a wonderful idea that is slightly unconventional. Make sure you choose a wedding topper that reflects your personality and also the sense of humor in you and your partner. Apart from funny toppers you could also have toppers depicting some fantasy or a fairy tale we heard as a kid. For instance you could opt for wedding toppers like red hair fairy bride, crimson princess fairy bride, love springs eternal fairy, funny frog, entwined mermaid, frog that loved a turtle fairy, etc.

Some of the funnier cake toppers are the favorite cartoon characters as cake toppers. These include Bamm- Bamm and Pebbles Flintstones, Betty and Barney Flintstones, Blondie and Dagwood kissing wedding cake topper, Arlene kissing Garfield, Carol and Mike Brady cake topper, Chimp kiss topper, comical bride and groom figurine, kissing bikers, Jetsons cake topper, pair of giraffes, child couple, Pepe Le Pew and Penelope in love, Popeye and Olive figurine, Disney wedding car, chef couple, bowlers couple, Sally and Linus Peanuts figurine, etc. You can choose your favorite cartoon character. There is no upper limit to the creativity and imagination here.

There is also a trend to choose some casual wedding cake toppers. For instance a bride and groom in blue denims and white tees is a common cake topper nowadays. There are plenty of combinations in these cake toppers. Some of these include couple dancing in casual attire, casual friends couple, couple in Beetle car, casual rope of love around the couple, bride lifting the groom in her arms, geek groom, Hawaiian beach couple, kissing pirate and wench, bride sitting piggyback on the groom, cell phone savvy bride and groom, antique car with the couple inside, honeymoon bound couple in the car, still shopping message on a cake topper, etc.

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Here are some beautiful pictures of funny wedding cake toppers.

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