Fall Wedding Cakes

Fall Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Fall, also known as the autumn season is one of the most beautiful seasons around the world. It marks the transition from the summer to the winter. The Mother Nature looks really beautiful in colors like brown, orange, yellow, bright red and so on. There are many couples who decide to get married in fall season. The fall season can be termed as the season of love and romance. So the weddings in fall have fall based theme. The vibrant colors and a lot of motifs from nature are used in the theme, venue arrangement and flower decoration in these fall weddings. The wedding cake for this fall wedding is unique with different flavors and decoration. The shape, size and flavor depend on the personal likes of the couple.

The cakes made out of flavors like pumpkin with cheese frosting, spice cake with blackberry filling, white cake with apple tart, almond lemon cake with lemon filling etc. are ideal for the fall wedding. All these flavors like pumpkin, apples, blackberries, lemon are the products of the season. The fall season is symbolic to the harvesting time and beauty of the earth. The decoration on the cake and the toppers used also find inspiration in the colors of the season and nature. A lot of leaves, fruits, and flowers are used in the cake decoration so that they synchronize with the flavor of the cake.

The fall wedding cakes have a unique mix of fall flavors, colors and flowers. Let's take a look at different types of fall wedding cakes:

  • A white butter cream cake can be decorated with slices and rind of fresh oranges and lemons. This will give a great look as well as taste to the cake.
  • A chocolate cake can be decorated with clusters of green grapes. The table used for keeping the cake can be decorated with grape wines. This will have a great look of a winery which is symbolic to the fall season.
  • The great looking lemon filling cake can be decorated with maple leaves and acorns. A white frosting in form of maple leaves can be used as a topper with some tiny black berries.
  • A multi tiered cheese cake can have dark chocolate coated small leaves at the edges. The combination of cheese and dark chocolate is great flavor for taste as well as looks.
  • A pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling also tastes great. The fruits available in the fall season can be used to prepare fall cakes with different flavored filling and frosting.

Having discussed about the flavor of the fall cakes, we move on to the next segment, which is also very important. Decorating a cake depends upon the taste and personal choice of the wedding couple. The look of the cake is as significant as the taste of the cake. A wedding cake should be pleasing to the eyes. The wedding cake of the fall-based wedding theme should be decorated in a different way. One of the most common ways of decorating the wedding cakes is to use vibrant colors with flowers like sunflower, dahlias, and lilies on a butter cream cake, strawberry cake, etc. One can ornament the cake with maple leaves and acorns. The best way of decorating such cakes is to think of typical fall colors.

A combination of yellow-green, gold and burnt orange would be perfect for the cakes. Such- colored leaves or other accessories like edible butterflies, flower petals, dahlias, gum paste marbles, rings, etc. on a butter cream cake, strawberry cake will give a typical fall look to the wedding cake. Cobalt blue, navy-blue and sapphire are also some well-liked colors for autumn. Ribbons, cake-boxes and cake-favors of these colors also adorn the wedding cake of the fall season. A fall cake can be single-tiered as well as multi-tiered. There are also fall wedding cupcakes. These can be adorned with a simple fall leaf or sunflowers. Leaves, sunflowers, daisies, dahlias all these can be placed on cake tops and sides to lend that special fall feel. Other toppers like typical groom and bride figurine, monogram toppers, crystal balls, funny wedding cake toppers, religious toppers can be used to beautify the cake. Now-a-days there has been a great transformation as regards the taste and thought of the wedding couples. So matching with the fall cake, there have been a lot of fall wedding favors, invitations, dresses and bouquet which are available in the market.

Fall cakes are really beautiful like the season itself. The guests and the couple are left spell-bound with a stylishly decorated wedding cake. With the fall wedding decorations, the favors, the flowers and the leaves and the fall cake, they are taken into a world of love and romance.

Here are some beautiful fall wedding cake pictures.

White Fall Wedding Cakes Fall Wedding Cakes with Orange Flowers Chocolate Fall Wedding Cakes
Yellow Fall Wedding Cakes Three Tiered Fall Wedding Cakes Square Fall Wedding Cakes
Fall Wedding Cakes Toppers Fall Wedding Cakes with Couple Toppers Fall Wedding Cakes with Wheat in the Wind Cake