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Elegant Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake is synonymous to weddings. A specially designed, beautiful wedding cake is a must to celebrate this occasion in bride and groom's life. There are different types of wedding cakes available in the market. The couple can go for butter cream cakes, heart-shaped cakes, simple wedding cakes, tiered wedding cakes, elegant wedding cake, etc. The choice of the shape, size and flavor of the wedding cake depends on the couple's personal choice and likes. Elegant cakes are visual treats as they look beautiful as well as taste great.

Are you looking for elegant cake for your wedding ceremony? Then, do not worry we are here for your help by providing information and pictures of some delicious and attractive elegant cakes.

Elegant cakes are available in all shapes, sizes, all different flavors, and in different styles. This elegant wedding cakes page helps you to save your time and money by providing some pictures of elegant wedding cakes. With the help of these pictures you are able to choose elegant cake as fast as possible.

You are also able to book your wedding cake before your wedding ceremony date and then inform the baker to create the cake in a way which would match your thoughts and imagination. If you want to create elegant cake, then order the plain white cake and decorate it with fresh flowers and other cake accessories which are attractive and elegant.

Select one gorgeous picture from following pictures which helps you to save your time and to inform the baker to generate elegant cake which looks like this picture or apply his imagination to create more attractive wedding cake with the help of this picture. Also, there are various types of elegant wedding cake toppers available in the market.

Choose best one from it and decorate your wedding cake. Use colors of gold or silver to add rich look without touching wedding cake simplicity. At the time of ordering your wedding cake please look at the extra unwanted material of wedding cake.

Today, many brides are opting for a traditional wedding cake, which is elegant in looks. The cake may be traditional in style, but it has modernity in themes and colors used. The elegant cakes are personalized these days. The couple orders a simple wedding cake and customizes it with their personal touch. They may use a topper in form of a famous monument of the city where they have their home, plan to have their honey moon or their native place. Some couples go for an elegant cake based on nature theme. A white castle, sandy beach, green meadow, waterfall and so on are created in the wedding cake with dash of colors and using fondant icing. The elegant cakes are topped with beautiful crystal cake toppers representing the bride and the groom. Other famous cake toppers are silver and gold script monogram, vintage 'first kiss' wedding topper, elegant interracial wedding topper, the 'love pinch' bridal couple figurine, etc.

An elegant wedding cake can be made attractive by using fondant icing. This type of icing is great for decoration. A fondant gives a smooth look to the cake. This helps the baker to have intricate designs on the cakes. The patterns of flowers and leaves can be done on the cake due to the smooth finishing. A piped icing, small hearts, bows can be made out of the icing and can be used for decoration. A simple white wedding cake looks elegant if it is decorated with red colored hearts made out of fondant. The taste of the cake is also important. Some unusual flavors baked with common ingredients but unusual combinations yield great results.

Chocolate fudge cake soaked with strawberry sauce and filled with chocolate mousse, marble cake soaked with espresso and filled with cappuccino mousse, vanilla butter cake with orange champagne and many other are really scrumptious and finger-licking.

Bake an elegant cake and give a perfect look to your wedding ceremony. After all, the wedding cake should be as classy, elegant and graceful as the wedding itself. There are some pictures of elegant cakes that absolutely capture the romance and magic the busy couple wishes to express at their wedding. Following are some pictures of elegant cakes.

See some wedding cake boxes for your cake

Look here gorgeous pictures of elegant wedding cake:

Blue Elegant Wedding Cakes Elegant Wedding Cakes with Pink Flowers Yellow Elegant Wedding Cakes
Elegant Wedding Cakes with Roses Elegant Wedding Cake with Dove Square Elegant Wedding Cakes