Designer Wedding Cakes

Two Tired Designer Wedding Cakes in Heart Shapes with Pink Roses

Wedding cakes are an integral part of weddings. One cannot think of a wedding without a beautifully decorated wedding cake. The wedding cake has evolved a lot from traditional white wedding cakes. They have come a long way. Today, we get cakes in various shapes and made up of various flavors. The cakes have fillings and decorations that attract the guest towards them. Wedding cake has to synchronize with theme of the wedding, venue arrangements and flower decoration as well as the bridal wear. The cake stands for fertility and purity of the bride. The couple cuts the wedding cake and shares their happiness with the guests.

Today, there is vogue of designer bridal wear and designer bridal jewelry. Same is the case with wedding cakes. A lot of couples opt for designer wedding cakes. These cakes are visual treat and they taste delicious. The designer wedding cakes are made by wedding cake designers. The wedding cake designers collect all the details about the requirements from the couple and then creatively bake the cake. These cakes have good recipes, great flavors and finest decoration with intricate designs. The designer cakes are affordable option if you go for a cake that is as per your requirements. The size, shape and flavor have to be chosen by the couple.

The designer wedding cake comes in flavors like spice, chocolate cake with coconut filling, white butter cake with lemon filling, carrot cake with mango and orange fruit and so on. The cakes have traditional shapes like square, round, heart and modern shapes like guitar, cricket field, light house, sand castle, etc. The intricate designs of small hearts, flowers and leaves adore the cake. Satin ribbons and bows are used for decoration. Natural and artificial flowers of different hues are used to add decorative element to the cake. Designer cakes are quite popular with couple who love to experiment.

Designer cakes have really unique designs as per your requirement. These may be tiered cakes or simple single layered ones. But these people come out with some of the most brilliant and innovative ideas. Right from traditional flower decoration, basket of flowers, castle to computers, robots and television, these designers come up with all kinds of designs.

It is essential that the cake is delicious as well as it appears good. Designer cakes tend to become the center of attraction in a wedding. This is mainly because of the attractive appearance. However, it is essential to discuss with your designer regarding your favorite flavors, colors, etc. It is common to have multiple flavors in a cake nowadays. You could have a combination of 2-3 of your favorite flavors in one cake. The right combination of flavors in a cake makes it tastier.

You can very well fit a designer cake within your budget. This is possible if you know what you exactly want and discuss it openly with your designer. The specialty of such cakes is that you can truly make them look like "your" cakes. Such a cake represents your style and individuality. Not only this but also designers have the ability to give common cakes a different look.

There are umpteen designs you can create for your wedding cake. You could give a different look to a simple chocolate cake or a basket of flowers. You could use pearls and flowers made of sugar for the decoration. Crystal strands and a fountain look created out of gum and sugar looks absolutely stunning. Chocolate sticks look amazing when it comes to bordering the cake. Nowadays, couples also opt to give cupcakes to their guests. These cupcakes can also be given a designer looks. There are lace cupcakes that look really cute.

Some tips we want to share for successful cakes are:

  • Good Cake Recipe: If your wedding cake recipe is not any good, then it will never matter how beautiful the cake design is. For this, one best option is homemade cake, as its recipes are all the time best; but nowadays many good package mixes are available.
  • When you plan to make the wedding cake yourself, always be sure to practice it first.
  • If you are planning to buy the cake from bakery, always ask for the taste test.
  • When choosing cake designs, always see enough wedding cake pictures to obtain a good idea of what kind of cake look you want.

Here are some beautiful designer wedding cakes pictures.

White Designer Wedding Cakes with Yellow Roses Designer Wedding Cakes with Pink Sugar Roses Toppers White Wedding Cake Decorated with Maroon Ribbon Designer Wedding Cake with White Sugar Roses Four Tier Designer Wedding Cake
Two Tier Heart Shaped Designer Wedding Cake Designer Wedding Cake with Beautiful White Ribbon Designer Wedding Cake Decorated with Mixed Flowers Consultations for Designer Wedding Cakes White Designer Wedding Cake with Crown