Cutting Tiered Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is an important part of a wedding ceremony. There are a lot of traditions associated with wedding cake. The wedding charms, cutting of cake, etc. are significant things related to wedding cake. The newly wed couple cut the wedding cake to mark their happiness and share joy with all the guests. The cutting of the cake is announced and all the guests come together to capture this moment. The couple stands with the beautiful and elegant wedding cake.

Pulling the charms ceremony takes place before the cake is cut. The groom holds his right handle over the bride to cut the cake. They cut first slice from the cake and feed each other. Once that is done, the cake is shared with all the guests.

Cutting a huge multi tiered wedding cake is not an easy task. You have to plan it before hand. The cake has to be cut in such a way that it serves all the guests and proper slices are prepared. The bottom layer of the cake is the first one to be cut. The top layer is always kept for the couple's first anniversary. Layer by layer the cake is cut. The cake has to be cut with a knife with the right hand, and in the left hand you need to hold a server so that the slice falls on it and can be served on the cake plate. According to the shape of the cake, there are various patters used to cut the cake.

Let's take a look at how different types of multi-tiered cakes are cut:

Cutting Tiered Wedding Cakes

  • Oval Tiered Wedding Cake
    You remove the layer one by one and start cutting the bottom layer as it is the largest. Make cuts in such a fashion that 1 inch slices are created.

  • Petal Shaped Tiered Wedding Cake
    Remove the tiers one by one make incision in the largest tier i.e. bottom layer. You make a circular cut at the middle of the tier and then start slicing the cake from center to the edge.

  • Hexagon Tiered Wedding Cake
    Begin cutting the largest bottom tiers. You cut across two inch from the edge and make slices. Then again move two inches and make slices.

  • Heart Shaped Tiered Wedding Cake
    In this shape, you have to divide the cake in 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 parts and then cut the rows into one inch slices. Do this for all the layers.

  • Square Tiered Wedding Cake
    This cake has to be cut from edges and then move towards center. You move two inches inside from edges and cut across and make slices. Repeat this for the entire tier.
Before you start to cut the wedding cake, remember that it is essential to cut it evenly in equal sizes and as per the requirements of the bride and the groom. You have professionals who slice the cake for you at a particular charge. However, if you want to avoid this extra fee, you can practice cake cutting on your own before you cut the cake on that special day.

First of all, remove the uppermost layer of the cake if you want to preserve it till your anniversary. Insert the spatula underneath the first layer and lift it. Support it with another spatula or your fingers and keep it in a box, pack it and refrigerate it immediately. This is essential to avoid anyone eating it up at the reception.

Once the first layer is kept aside, remove all the non edible items from the cake like the cake topper, flowers or other decor items. Keep them aside and keep your knife and spatula ready. If the cake is round then insert the knife at about an inch from the edge of the cake. From that point, cut it in a circular manner across the cake to form a doughnut shaped circle. Slice that circle evenly into 1"*2 size pieces of cake. Repeat the same process for the inner circles. Remove the stands or supporting rods you have placed to make the tiers stand and then cut the remaining cake in a similar manner.

You can assemble these pieces nicely on a separate platter as specified by the bride and the groom to serve the cake pieces to the guests. With practice and the right technique you surely would be able to cut the cake in the right manner. After all, it is not all that difficult. Make sure the cake cutting ceremony becomes memorable and a romantic moment for the couple.