Custom Wedding Cakes

Custom Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

A Wedding cake is a work of art which manifests the wedding couple's imagination and the baker's capability as well. Today's bakers satisfy their customers with wedding cakes that are baked keeping in mind every subtle demand of the customers. This is done by incorporating new techniques and innovative methods which please the couples. One such wedding cake is the custom wedding cake. Custom wedding cakes are made according to the specifications of an individual. The size, shape, design and decorations of these wedding cakes are done exactly as desired by the engaged couple.

Custom wedding cakes display a blend of traditionality and modernity. As such these are really some stunningly breath-taking cakes so as to please everyone. The appearance as well as flavor of the cake is very important. The taste and flavor of cakes greatly depend on the season of fruits and nuts, caramels or spices. When the winter season is ready to freeze the earth, vanilla becomes the best of flavors for a wedding cake. When we start basking in the spring sunshine, a lemon poppy seed flavored cake can satiate our taste buds. Toasted coconut or dark chocolate suits the summer wedding. It is time for autumn and spiced carrot cake or some other combination of fruits with added nuts just tastes heavenly. Other popular flavors are cheesecake, chai latte, and dulce de leche etc. The flavor does definitely depend on the filling and the icing did during the baking.

There can be mousse fillings made up of chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut etc. There can also be fillings done with a combination of fruits. Icings can be done with buttercream, cheese etc. Addition of nuts, caramels and spices just make the cake more delicious to satisfy the taste buds completely. Wedding cake color and flavor should be in correspondence with each other. For example if any couple customizes a five or six tiered cake into a two-tiered cake, they can choose any color and flavor. If their favorite colors are white and green they can opt for a vanilla and lemon flavored cake for the two tiers. Again for pink loving brides, strawberry is one good options. For a three-tiered wedding cake, the couple can order for a strawberry, buttercream and chocolate-flavored cake. The colors pink, white and chocolate will be a fabulous combination.

Decorations and ornamentations can be done in any way the couple wishes. Flowers, fruits, colored ribbons, pearls, laceworks, silver metallic shells, stars and hand-motifs which suit the wedding theme perfectly embellish the cake. Wonderful cake toppers specially ordered or hand-made ones like clay caricatures, personal figurines, corporate or artistic sculptures or portrait serve best for the Custom Wedding cakes.

Some couples also prefer their initials being written on the cake. Any style statement or characteristic feature of the couples can also be conveyed through the toppers. Today we have several beautiful cake toppers available in the market like- religious toppers, monogram toppers, crystal toppers, vintage cake toppers, games toppers, humorous toppers etc. to be more specific, some popular toppers can be mentioned: typical bride and couple figurine, just married couple kissing, crystal cupids, twin swans, entangled hearts, love birds kissing, flat edge monograms, acrylic celebration circle, military couple over the threshold, air force or navy wedding couple figurine, crystal Hummingbirds on Cross, acrylic Faithful union , Love Verse on Bible, palm trees, dolphin Hawaiian beach, seaside jewels, etc. Custom cakes can be designed according to the theme of the wedding.

If the wedding is a beach-themed, religion-themed, or any color-themed wedding, one can go for customized cakes. Today there are wedding cakes in the shape of chessboard, soccer ground, football or cricket field, toy trains, airplane, palm tree, blue sea-beach etc. Whatever may be the flavor, style or decoration, the wedding cake should be the most memorable masterpiece for both the gazer and the connoisseur. While choosing a custom wedding cake the couple should take care of certain things:

  • The couple should have a good knowledge of different wedding cakes and the accessories along with the prices.
  • It is necessary to book the wedding cake at least one month before wedding ceremony date, so that the baker gets sufficient time for modification as per the requirements.

See some wedding cake boxes for your cake

Here follows the pictures of some selected custom cakes:

Light Green Custom Wedding Cakes White Custom Wedding Cakes Four Tiered Custom Wedding Cakes White Custom Wedding Cakes with Pink Ribbons
Light Blue Custom Wedding Cakes Seashell Custom Wedding Cakes Red Custom Wedding Cakes Blue & Orange Custom Wedding Cakes
Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Chocolate Custom Wedding Cake Custom Wedding Cake with Flowers Green Custom Wedding Cake

The Custom wedding cake are really the masterpieces of art which reflect the mood of romance and the emotions that the wedding couple wishes to convey. Everyone feels that love is in the air. They enjoy, make fun, eat and spread happiness amongst each other. A wedding cake should not be a part of the wedding feast only. It is infect, an important part of the wedding ceremony. So it should be remarkable in its design and flavor. Custom cakes are such remarkable cakes.