Wedding Cake Pictures Collection

Although, the traditional wedding cakes are white with three tiers, nowadays couples have a variety of wedding cakes to choose from. They opt for different flavors, colors, shapes, etc. Also, the cake is not necessarily be tiered. It could be just a single layered big cake. It could be in the shape of a square, circle, heart or any other customized shape.

Nowadays, there is a trend of serving individual cupcakes to the guests. These could be based on a pudding or could be in small two to three tiers. Giving individual cupcakes is actually a good idea apart from your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake with Ruffles and Royal Icing Bow Rolled Fondant Wedding Cake with Hand-painted Sugarpaste Blossoms Raspberry Fondant Wedding Cake with Edible Silver Leaves & Jeweled Sugar Flowers Peach Fondant Wedding Cake with Royal Icing Flowers and Piped Royal Icing Fondant Wedding Cake with Blue Tiles and Royal Icing Monogram
Chocolate Cake Iced with Ganache and Decorated with Rolled Chocolate and Marzipan Fruit Purple, Blue, and White Flowers Wedding Cake Wedding Cake with Striped Bunting and A Monogrammed Pennant Custom Wedding Cake Decorated with a Cascade of Tiny Blue Blossoms Elegant Wedding Cake with Cherry Blossoms In Pale Yellow and Blush Pink

Different colors are used in cakes nowadays and these are beautifully decorated. Wedding cakes could be decorated with fresh flowers, sugar flowers, etc. Bakers have wedding cake pictures in their books containing exquisite designs. There are edible ribbons, flowers and other designs that can be made out of cream or sugar. The cupcakes could also be arranged in 2-3 different flavors, so that guests get a good option.

Wedding cake tops have also changed from the traditional couple cake tops to monograms, initials, landscapes, etc. The cake stands also are available in a huge variety including wooden wedding cake stands.

Stylish Wedding Cake Pictures

Stylish wedding cakes have certain style and elegance. If you have a decent budget for your cake, you can customize your wedding cake according to your own style. Make sure it suits your personality.

Creating your customized wedding cake includes deciding on the shape, color, tiers, design, etc as per your style. This should include your future husband's preferences also. Contact a confectioner you know well and the one who specializes in your kind of cakes. They have many wedding cake pictures in their books. You could go through these pictures to get some ideas unless you have a fixed design in mind.

Buttercream-iced Cake with Red Sugar Flowers Black and White Chocolate Fondant Cake with Scroll Design White Wedding Cake Decorated with Flower Petals Light Orange Wedding Cake with Lemon Cream and Covered in Fondant Wedding Cake Idea Like Gift Package

You could have unconventional designs and shapes like male and female dolls, heart shapes, dancing couple, castle, ice cream cones, etc dome on your cake. Include other colors of your choice apart from white. You could include fresh fruits or nuts in your cake. Design of a wedding dress on the cake looks stylish and elegant. You could have pretty lace like structures done on your cake. If you opt to give cupcakes to each guest, then you can place them on a three tier cake stand nicely decorated along with the big cake. You cad have a couple made of sugar and cream sitting on the top tier of the cake. Stylish cake toppers also add elegance to the wedding cake.

Best Wedding Cake Pictures

Some of the best wedding cake pictures are available on many websites especially those of the confectioners. Although, choice of cake may vary from couple to couple with respect to color, flavor, design, etc, the most popular is the cheesecake flavor especially in the USA. There could be more than one or two flavors blended in the cake. Make sure the wedding cake you finalize on is soft and fresh apart from having an exquisite design.

Some of the cakes put up display that is very attractive. However, these might have a very hard frosting. Make sure you know what the frosting is made of. Don't book a cake merely based on its appearance.

Lime-green Fondant Wedding Cake with Sugar Lace Four Tier White Wedding Cake with Blue Ribbons White and Green Wedding Cake with Lace-embossed Gum-paste Applique and Bamboo White Wedding Cake with Sugarpaste Filigrees Wedding Cake with Sugar Pearls and Blooms
Fondant Wedding Cake with Royal Icing Embroidery Chocolate Wedding Cake with Blue and White Appliques White Wedding Cake Decorated with Delicate Dots Chocolate-brown Fondant Stripe Separates the Colors for a Modern Touch Wedding Cake Is Decorated with Pearlized White-chocolate Bubbles

If you want to have fresh fruits in the cake, make sure you include seasonal fruits. This way you would not only get fresh taste but would also save on the cost. Wedding cake is an integral part of the wedding. Hence, it is only natural for the bride to find the cake of her dreams. Make sure you research a lot with various confectioners and cake designers to get the wedding cake of your dreams within your budget. You could additionally see some wedding cake pictures online or in some wedding magazines. It is important to discuss your preferences with everybody including the caterers, florists and your family to find the best confectioners.