Christmas Wedding Cakes

Christmas Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Christmas is the season of merriment and enjoyment. It is a festival imbued with deep spiritual meaning, celebrating the birth of Jesus, the son of God. Men, women and children celebrate christmas with parties, social gatherings, food, gifts, music and so on. The whole world is in a playful and happy mood. The happiness and enjoyment doubles up if it is a christmas wedding.

Wedding is an important occasion in every couple's life. If the wedding is planned during christmas time, then it is great fun. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends. The two special events can be enjoyed together with happiness and fun. A lot of couples plan their weddings during the christmas. One of the main reasons is the spiritual importance of the festival. Some others use it as a theme of their wedding. Cake is important for christmas as well as wedding. The couples use the christmas motifs like candles, Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas tree, etc. in the decoration of the cake as well as the cake topper.

If it snows at the time of the wedding and all the friends and family are present for the wedding, then the moment will become memorable for the couple and the guests. Christmas cakes, music, dance all these create a joyful atmosphere and the guests will enjoy and remember the cake as well as the wedding. The christmas wedding cake has to gel with the festive flavor of the season. It has to match the theme, flower decoration, venue arrangement and bridal wear.

The wedding cake during christmas can be simple white cake in different shapes and sizes The christmas cakes can be ornamented with fresh fruits and flowers, artificial handmade fruits and flowers, edible roses, lilies, berries, butterflies, starfish, stars, little white angels, floating and scented candles, Christmas bells, decoration balls, etc. The colors of common christmas cakes are burgundy, plum, deep red, deep green, gold, and silver. Any of these colors can be combined with white or off-white to lend the cake an elegant look. A black and white cake with deep red bows and rose petals will bring out the christmas look. Cake toppers ideal for christmas wedding cakes would be related to christmas ceremony otherwise, the religious toppers can also be used. A small gingerbread house, a crystal cardinal figure, two penguins, two doves, two Hummingbirds, Ceramic Cross, Love Verse on Bible, crystal Hummingbirds on Cross, acrylic Faithful union, etc. can top the wedding cake. A big and multi-tiered wedding cake can be cut into pieces and served in individual cake-boxes. The cake-boxes can have hand-painted Santa Claus and Christmas gifts as designs. Cake favors in the shape of candied orange or mango slices, peanut brittle, sugar plums, small green colored christmas trees, etc.

The christmas wedding cakes stand for the festive fervor as well as the couple's sharing of joy and happiness of the memorable event of their lives. Let's take a look at the tips to create christmas wedding cakes:

  • A multi-tier heart shaped white wedding cake can be perfect with Santa Claus and reindeer carrying it on a sleigh. This creates a great scene for christmas and the guests will be attracted to the cake. The cake can be decorated with small candles and red flowers.

  • An elegant multi-tier wedding cake can be decorated with fondant and satin ribbons. A bow can be placed on the top. This will create a gift for christmas in the form of the cake. The satin ribbons and bow are symbolic and show the cake as a gift.

  • The colors white, red and green have to be used in the cake to give the christmas look. The layers of the cake can be arranged in the form of christmas tree and decorated with green and red fondant with golden stars.

  • A cake in different shaped layers with great flavor like chocolate, vanilla strawberry, etc. looks beautiful as well as tastes good. This cake can have toppers like a small figurine of Santa, a Christmas tree and a red cap. This will be a nice and stylish cake.

  • The cake can be decorated with white fondant in form of snowflakes and sprinkled with sugar. The cake can be surrounded with small figurines of Snowmen with snow-clad small huts.

  • The wedding couple can order for a four or five-tiered christmas cake much in the shape of gift boxes. Blue, white, red and other matching colors can be used in decorating the cake which can further be ornamented with christmas accents, bows, balls and colored ribbons.

  • The cup cakes in various flavors like butter cream, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, hazelnut, and walnut in decorated boxes will be a christmas gift and the wedding cake, as well. The couple can cut the wedding cake and give gifts in form of specially decorated cup cakes.

  • An unusual idea of christmas cake would be a cake of white and silver color decorated with white and silver marbles and crystal balls. The tiers of the cake can be bordered with white pearls and swirl patterns.

Here are some beautiful christmas wedding cake pictures.

Christmas Wedding Cake with Red Rose Traditional White Christmas Wedding Cake House Shaped Christmas Wedding Cake
Bride and Groom Christmas Wedding Cake Four Tier Chritmas Wedding Cake Decorated with Large Snow White Handcrafted Square Christmas Wedding Cake Decorated with Christmas Ribbons & Bows
Christmas Wedding Cake with Loads of Fresh Greenery and Red Accents Christmas Wedding Cake Like Gift Box Cute Christmas Wedding Cake Topper