Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Chocolate wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

The favorite cake flavor which tastes yummy and satiates the taste buds of the kids, young and elder one likes is the chocolate cake flavor. That is why chocolate cakes are very popular as birthday cakes, baby showers, anniversary cakes, bridal showers and wedding cakes. Chocolate wedding cakes are gorgeous, elegant and palatable at the same time. As such, many couples choose chocolate cake as the centerpiece of their wedding ceremony. These cakes are available in a variety of flavors and attractive designs. So are you ready for your chocolate cakes?

Every couple wishes their wedding cake to be unique, beautiful and yet tasty enough to satisfy the guests. For them there is no better alternative than the chocolate wedding cakes. Chocolate cakes are fantastic and so they are hugely popular option. If you have less time to choose chocolate cake, then this page will help you to find out your favorite chocolate cakes.

If you want to order chocolate cake for your wedding ceremony, then there are some points you will be needed to notice. You should think about the filling, flavor, consists icing or not, and the most important, the decoration of the cake. Chocolate cakes are usually fashionable and stylish, and are created according to the customer orders. The expert baker's imagination and capability also matter a lot. Chocolate cakes are available in single or multi-tiers. There are also chocolate cupcakes meant for single individuals. Chocolate cakes should not be essentially brown or dark brown in color. If the wedding cake is a two-tiered cake, then one can have the top tier a white chocolate cake and the bottom one a light green or aqua blue colored cake. Again, you can have a caramel cake rich in spices and topped with chocolate chips.

Filling of chocolate flavored cake can be done with raspberry, hazelnut, chocolate chips, cream, baileys, raspberry. There can be white chocolate cakes, dark chocolate cakes, and rich chocolate cakes as well. The term 'chocolate cake' can be used for other cake also due to its varying amounts of chocolate or cocoa in that particular cake. There are various types of chocolate cakes such as black forest cake, chocolate souffle cake, flour less chocolate cake, German chocolate cake, molten chocolate cake, snowball cake, and many more. Besides that there are also other types of chocolate cakes such as glazed chocolate cake, inexpensive cocoa cake, Three layer chocolate cake, banana brownie cake, etc.

The chocolate cakes can be adorned with flowers, fruits and other accessories like ribbons, silk butterflies, edible rose petals, rings, crystal balls, small stars, etc. Edible seashells, starfish and crab can be designed and gum-pasted into beach themed chocolate cakes. There are chocolate wedding favors perfect for these cakes. These are-silver heart chocolate candy, personalized chocolate covered sunflower seeds, Cinderella or designer dressed chocolate Gourmet chocolate, Chocolate Casino chips, Heart shaped chocolate candies, dark chocolate Autumn leaves, etc. The chocolate cakes can be topped with various cake toppers like monograms, bling monograms, bride and groom couple figurines, just married couple kissing, chocolate candies, crystal hearts, two doves, two entangled hearts, funny wedding cake toppers like bride chasing the groom or pulling him, acrylic celebration circles, etc.

Chocolate cakes are available in wide variety, but still the requirements for the recipes of chocolate cakes are the same. The items differ depending on the recipe, but mostly include a combination of eggs, sugar chocolate, baking soda, baking powder, butter or oil, salt, etc. Milk and water are also used.

Other ingredients are melted chocolate, buttermilk, fruit juices. To bring out different chocolate flavors, bakers use various types of flavored liquids such as coffee and essence, such as vanilla essence. There are so many chocolate cakes that are a treat for the eyes as well as the tongue. The styles of chocolate cakes are varying depending upon material such as chocolate icing (classic design), white iced chocolate cakes, different chocolate with different colors, etc.

Chocolate cakes are a favorite with the masses. Children and elders love them. After all, there is nobody who has not tasted a chocolate candy in his or her childhood. The same taste can be relished by having a piece of chocolate cakes offered in any wedding. As he remembers the chocolates of his childhood, so will the taste of the wedding cake make him feel mesmerized. Yummy, scrumptious and gorgeous chocolate cake- what else for a wedding feast?

Here are some pictures of attractive, delicious, and elegant chocolate wedding cake as below: